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Thank you, Cornel, for your efforts and information.


On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 1:21 PM, cornel fleming
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> Hi all! Last night went to a meeting on Ukraine organized by World Jewish
> Relief. One of the speakers(via Skype) was David Fishman,Professor of Jewish
> History at the Jewish Theological Seminary ,New expert on Ukraine.
> We also had the Ukr. Ambassador. The election results...Svoboda wiped out.
> Jews currently appreciated..many were prominent on the Maidan,some who went
> to Israel and have served in the IDF have returned to fight, the Bishop of
> Dnepropetrovsk came to the Jewish Community centre for a visit,the Deputy
> Prime Minister is a guy by the name of Groysman...a very upbeat
> presentation!
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> From: David Fishman [mailto:DAFISHMAN_at_JTSA.EDU]
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> Dear Dr. Fleming,
> I don't have a text of my remarks, so I am sending you the link to an
> article I wrote on the Jewish situation in Ukraine. Though published in
> June, the basic points remain valid, in my opinion.
> =all
> Sincerely,
> David Fishman
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> Dear Dr Fishman...I have just watched you on screen and listened to what you
> said re Jews and anti-Semitism etc in current Ukraine. My name...Dr Cornel
> Fleming, my passports are Australian and Israeli and I currently live in
> London..but where I was born and lived till 1944 is Czernowitz,today
> Chernivtsi. I have visited a few times,was involved in the setting up of the
> Jewish Museum etc. I also belong to the internet-based Czernowitz list (on
> Google under Czernowitz-L Jewish research group). Lately there have been
> discussions re presence or otherwise of anti-Jewish feelings in
> Ukraine...and what you said made me very happy! So my question is whether
> it is possible to get an Email of what you said that I could send on to the
> world-wide members of the list???? With thanks in advance, Cornel.
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