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From: Edgar Hauster <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 20:13:51 +0100
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I don't know - yet - about "Tikotin", but concerning "A Shtetl in the Caribbean" at least 50 % of the 99' of the theatrical version of the documentary is directly connected to Bukovina, since it covers the journey into the past of our fellow member Mark Wiznitzer, filmed on location in Bukovina, i. a. in Czernowitz, Vashkivtsi, etc., all enriched by historical archival footage.
As an appetizer, let me please quote from the presskit as follows: "A Shtetl in the Caribbean tells the emotional story of two childhood friends who learn more abouttheir past. This untold story takes the two on a quest from desolate landscapes of Eastern Europe to the exotic Caribbean. Mark Wiznitzer and Tsale Kirzner, descendants of Eastern European Jews who fled to Curacao before and after the Holocaust, venture back to the birthplaces of their ancestors in Ukraine and Belarus. Their search inevitably confronts them with the dark history of pogroms, anti-Semitism and the Nazi invasion. [...] Mark Wiznitzer starts his journey in Vashkivtsi, a small and forgotten village in Ukraine. There is not much left to find except the tombstone at the Jewish gravesite of his grandparents, Rachel and Leib. [...] In Miami, Mark visits his naturalised American mother Eda Aminoff, born Ida Hirschberg. [...] Like many others at the time, Mark and Tsale’s fathers arrived in Curacao with nothing but a few possessions. Salomon Wiznitzer, arriving in Curacao before the war, opens a store together with his brothers under the promising name La Confianza (The Confidence), which later established itself as a luxury department store. [...] The grim, muddy streets and weathered houses of the villages in Ukraine and Belarus form a stark contrast with the sunny and relaxed Curacao, with its vibrant street markets and colourful houses. Mark and Tsale realise they have been very fortunate. Although they have been spared the horrors of those times, it is evident that their family’s history has shaped who they are today."
No doubt about, these biographies are exemplifying those of many of our ancestors, perhaps except the "sunny and relaxed" destination of Curacao! I hope, you'll get the opportunity to decide by yourself on the Bukovina connection quite soon!
Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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> Edgar,
> Very nice , but where is the Czernowitz connection ?
> Hardy
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