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Please don’t pay too much attention to precise spellings. Our ancestors
often used various spellings, and then there were lots of changes after
immigration. It’s worth checking out leads with reasonably close spellings.



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>[Jana... posts to this list need to be in 'plain text' format --Google
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>I never saw the reply, I am sorry.=C2=A0 I have my fathers and
> Immigration papers and all the correspondence as well. My fathers uncle
> an american serviceman, well was, and he was instrumental in their
>tion here.
>=C2=A0 I believe there was a George Babuszczak in 1915 in Wilkes Barre PA
>isted as a "worker" and a Jozef Babuszczak listed=C2=A0 in Chicago but
> I tried to research it came back with other spellings.=C2=A0 So I am not
>nowing if those were just mis spellings of our name or if infact George
>is =
>truly a Babuszczak
>=C2=A0Jana L. Babuszczak=20
> On Thursday, October 30, 2014 11:01 AM, Shelley <>
> =20
> I replied directly to Jana with some hints and some questions.=C2=A0 I
>could not find her last name entering America so I told her I needed
>more information.=C2=A0 I suggested some information but I never heard
>from her.

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