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Hardy,it is important because it shows that in today's world voting for
anti-semitic and xenophobic political parties is far higher in some Western
nations than in Ukraine. Cornel

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You fight for every fraction of a percent of the returns of the Svoboda
  To prove us how the love of the Ukraineans towards the Jews increases with
each passing days.
 Why is this so important ?

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[Cornel, Anna, you have both slipped out of plain text --your moderators]

Hi! Additional computer tells me that Svoboda got 1.14% of = the
votes. Not exactly a huge figure. Cornel


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Cornell the results were finalized only yesterday. The only party that = did
not make it is Communist party. Svoboda took a big cut but is still in
thanks to West Ukrainian regions.=20

I remember attending a seminar in George Washington University a while = ago
dedicated to the anniversary of Arab Spring, where the leading authority =
on Middle East compared the Muslim Brotherhood to Salvation Army tried to
convince us that that is all what they are. When a colleague of mine = (not
Jewish, actually a catholic) questioned this statement he dismissed it. =
Six months later she wrote to the coordinator suggesting that in view of the
latest developments he should at least send a retraction of his oppinion =

I am attaching a link from the Guardian (thank G-d no need to =
that is more informative and realistic



Lastly, latest fundraising from Jewish Federation list this among = Jewish
causes. I copy "Provide an elderly Jew under attack in Ukraine with =
heating fuel, warm blankets and winter relief"

Thought you all would like to know.

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