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Just checked.
Train departs in Bucharest at 6:00 AM and arrives in Czernowitz at 6:32 PM.
It departs at 10:34 AM from Czernowitz and arrives at 11:02 PM in Bucharest

Quite a long trip ...
> "Saraf, Oren" <> schrieb am 19:40 Mittwoch, 29.Oktober 2014:
> > Mimi,
> The Suceava Airport was closed on Jan 2014 for an airstrip and navigation system
> upgrade.
> After completion of the work, they are planning opening this airport for
> international flights.
> Currently the nearest Romanian international Airport is in Iasi.
> Oren
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> Mordecai and anyone else wishing to travel to Czernowitz through Romania, It is
> possible to get to Suceava in Romania either by plane or by train.
> From Suceava it is possible to go to Chernivtsi by taxi or one of the many
> tourist services.
> Mimi
> On Oct 26, 2014, at 6:36 AM, wrote:
>> Does anybody have experience with train travel from Bucharest to
>> Czernowitz and return?
>> Several of my cousins wish to make a visit to Czernowitz via Bucharest
>> at the start of May.
>> I saw in the Internet info about the Sofia - Moscow train that stops
>> in Bucharest, Suceava, and Czernowitz.
>> Does anybody have some recent experience with it?
>> What is the total travel time, and is it held for a long time at he
>> border? Does it have convenient cars?
>> I also saw suggestions re bus travel - but isn't this taking a longer
>> time and less convenient re seating?
>> Would appreciate any relevant info or suggestions.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Mordecai
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