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This is the closest spelling I could find. Note they are Jewish and
you may not be. This is from Stanislawow marriage records.

BABYCZ Meier1889M8 1884 24 y., 10 m.M Moj┼╝esz SzajeBABYCZ Lea
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MELLER Dwore Chaje1889M8 1884 24 y., 1 m.F MarkusMELLER Chane

Similarly, a birth

Eugenia1893 B367 1883 F Meier BABYCZ Dwore MELLER


On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 6:47 PM, <jlb0410_at_yahoo.com> wrote:
> my fathers polish name is Henryk.. we believe Marie was possibly married to
> someone related to my grandfathers family. My father and family flew
> directly into Colorado, not thru Ellis Island. My Father became a US
> citizen. My Grandmother is Aniela. Grandma says Grandpas Mom was Carolina
> and his Dad was Jan, She knows Grandpas dad had a sister but doesnt know
> that name either. We dont know if its a brother to my grandfather, an
> uncle, great grandfather. It is an unknown. Grandpa was born in 1917 in
> Poland, we do know that...I have the city written somewhere around here.
> Thanks for the help
> Jana L. Babuszczak

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