Re: [Cz-L]The Consul of Chile managed to save Jews from deportation to Transnistria ?

From: Sylvia de Swaan <>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2014 19:12:51 -0500
To: Sally Bendersky <>
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The above photo of my mother and sister that I'm holding in my hand
against the shadow of the gate at the Synagogue in CZ - has the seal
of the "DelegaciĆ³n de Chile" - (apparently I was still too small to
appear in the photo.) I had never heard that story until one day, my
first husband - born in Chile - happened to notice it when my mother
was showing him our few family photos. So yes apparently there was
such an effort by the Chilean government and my mother who qualified
for Polish citizenship was able to obtain it - but in her words, it
helped "like a toiten bankjes" ...we were still deported etc..but
years later in the context of work on my "Return" photo project I
decided to contact the Chilean consulate in Washington D.C...& it
seems that they never heard of such an effort and suggested I contact
the Jewish community in Santiago. I wrote them a letter (in Spanish)
but never received a reply - so if anyone else knows more about this
I'd be very interested in an update

best regards


On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 2:50 PM, Sally Bendersky <> wrote:
> Hi Michael and Abraham,
> I feel it is my duty to research the topic, being a Chilean and a former
> diplomat (I was the ambassador of Chile to Israel between 2000 and 2006). I
> will try to work on this issue next month (I am on the verge of travelling
> for three weeks tomorrow).
> My uncle Herman Schachner z.l. received a visa to Bolivia and stayed in
> Chile approx. in 1938. My mother z.l. was found in Paris by the Joint
> Committee, heading to Palestine. She changed her route because my uncle had
> sent her a ticket to travel to Chile. So I am positive that my family had no
> contact with the Chilean Consul in Rumania. (Most probably the Chilean
> Jewish community was well organized because my mother became a Chilean
> citizen and in her document it says she was Rumanian. But in 1947, when she
> arrived in Chile Czernowitz was no longer Rumanian, for which reason she
> became stateless and was not allowed to live in Bucharest). So I am certain
> that here in Chile there definitely was consular help.
> To be continued...
> Regards,
> Sally Bendersky
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> To: Abraham Kogan
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> Subject: Re: [Cz-L]The Consul of Chile managed to save Jews from deportation
> to Transnistria ?
> Dear Abraham,
> Do you have a contact email for Mr Zadoff. I would really like to
> learn more about this topic.
> A relative of mine, Berta Kranzdorf who survived the war in
> Czernowitz, is listed as being a citizen of Chile in documents on
> Jewishgen. But to the best of our knowledge she never went to Chile.
> After the war she joined her daughter in NY.
> We have always wondered what was the Chile connection and if that had
> saved her life.
> Kind regards
> Michael Kransdorff
> On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 4:23 PM, Abraham Kogan <>
> wrote:
>> Hi, Czernowitzer friends,
>> I got today an e-mail message from Mr. Zadoff, a historian from the Hebrew
>> University of Jerusalem, who is interested in information regarding the
>> help
>> provided by the Consul of Chile to avoid deportation to Transnistria. I
>> understand that during the Holocaust Chile also represented the interests
>> of
>> Poland. Does anybody among our List members know anything about that ?
>> Best, Abraham K.
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