Re: [Cz-L]The Consul of Chile managed to save Jews from deportation to Transnistria ?

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Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2014 01:44:53 +1100
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A Google translation
[Translation Inglés to please - anyone? Moderator B]

Efraim Hi - thanks for your answer - the first time that I
realize this photo was loose and was when visiting my mom
in Brooklyn with my first husband (Salomon de Swaan) and having
born in Chile caught his attention that had a photo with stamp
Chilean consulate - and entonce my mother told us of their efforts
get rid of documents and emigrating CZ. My mother
He was born in Snyatin and this somehow gave the right to Citizenship
Polish .... so finally consigio document. But according to me I remember
He told us the Romanians refused exit visa My Name
original is Sylvia Neuman - my parents Simon Neuman and Etka Strum
Neuman. Born in Czernowitz on August 17, 1941. My father was
conscrito by the Russians and we (mother, older sister and I) were
was transferred to the Jewish ghetto of Czernowitz and then others,
there will have been in mid-1942 we deported to Transnistria. After
of liberation in '44 we went back a temporarda Cz to see if we
podimos find my father and other relatives - but the only
survivors who were my maternal grandparents were passed
the war in Siberia. Then I migrated to the US on my own,
when I was 21, I went for a six months but Mexico
I fell eleven and that is where I learned to speak Spanish.

For many years I walked away from the nightmares and stories sinietras
of my childhood - and it was only with the fallen of communism which came to me
curious about my origins and being an artist / photographer conceived a
project entitled "Return" dealing with metaphor more than history
concrete - - for
Now I have made multiple trips by train crossing routes
we traveled as refugees - and I've been three times in Cz - my more
long stay in summer 2013 for seven weeks

I send many greetings


On Mon, November 3, 2014 at 4:18 a.m., Efraim Zadoff <> wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for your message, the information and the picture.
There is no connection Between the Chilean consul in Czernowitz activities in 1942-1943 and the emigration Opportunities.
The documents Emitted That I Were Aimed to give some protection from deportation to Transnistria and Probably also "just protection".
There is a direct connection Between this and the Polish consul citizenship since Chile Represented the Interests of the Polish government in exile in Romania, Among other country clubs, until, 1943 When Chile broke diplomatic relations STI With The Axis country clubs and Their allies. In the mid of 1943 this representation together With The Chilean itself was transferred is to Switzerland.
Until this moment, the Chilean consul Also provided documents to Polish Polish Citizens.
I would like recibir more information about the time in Czernowitz and Transnistria. The picture is a very interesting document. Where did you find it?
I would very much like more information you have found about your stay in Czernowitz and Transnistria.
Where did you find this photo? Was algúb loose or attached to the document? Is there something written on the back?
See you soon and thank you very much,

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