Re: [Cz-L]The Consul of Chile managed to save Jews from deportation to Transnistria ?

From: michael kransdorff <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2014 14:47:43 +0000
To: Abraham Kogan <>
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Thank you professor and Sally for the offer of help. Professor I will send
you all the information I have on Berta Kranzdorf this evening.

Her situation seems to correspond very closely with the very interesting
stories other member of the list have been sharing.

She was born is Lvov (and would thus have been Polish). Her husband Abraham
Isaac Kranzdorf was born in Czernowitz. She moved to the city in about
1920. He died in 1936 in Czernowtiz. Her daughter Irene went to America and
her son Severin was in Belgium (and later was deported to Auschwitz). So
she would have been alone during the war. We do not know what happened to
her over this period. You know how it goes. Children and grandchildren dont
ask enough questions until its too late. Or survivors dont like to tell.

Interestingly we know that she survived the war and then went to
Switzerland. I had always wondered how she managed to get there. Here she
got a visa and travelled to America. But this would fit with some other
other comments that the Swiss took responsibility for Chilean/Polish


On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 4:23 PM, Abraham Kogan <>

> Hi, Czernowitzer friends,
> I got today an e-mail message from Mr. Zadoff, a historian from the Hebrew
> University of Jerusalem, who is interested in information regarding the
> help
> provided by the Consul of Chile to avoid deportation to Transnistria. I
> understand that during the Holocaust Chile also represented the interests
> of
> Poland. Does anybody among our List members know anything about that ?
> Best, Abraham K.
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