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>> 11-11-14
>> Mimi was a very adorable looking little girl. Is she wearing leggings or
>> is
>> that chubby skin? As for her Dad, now I know where the "ghetto pants" (as
>> opposed to "saggy" pants) that were popular a few years ago with inner
>> city
>> young African Americans and subsequently with young Caucasians as well,
>> originated. What name in Czernowitz was given to the pants that Mimi's
>> Dad
>> is wearing in this photo? When I was a kid there were Bermuda shorts and
>> short shorts, but they were shorter and came down to the knee or slightly
>> below it.
>> As for Hardy referring to where the photo was taken by comparing the
>> sidewalk pavement, I don't get it. The pavement in front of the Bere
>> Jupiter
>> restaurant appear to be tiled squares and so do the ones in the photo of
>> Mimi & her Dad. However the latter photo was taken in front of a
>> Delicatessen (Delicatese), while the former photo (Bere Jupiter) is a
>> restaurant, so the stores appear to not be the same. Perhaps Hardy can
>> embellish on the pavement differential and also explain what LJ means
>> where he says "The Czernowitzers of
>> my LJ....."
>> Gary Rogovin

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