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It is not my reasoning ! It=92s the reasoning of the L J members.
The Yandex pictures are recently taken, irrelevant.
" Ach wie gut dass niemand weiss
Das ich Rumpelstilzchen heiss ! "
>From Grimm:
" Oh how good that no one knows
That my name is Berdichevsky ! "
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After looking at both places on Yandex I have to agree with Hardy (as
much as I generally enjoy to find faults in his reasoning) this time
he must be right. Not only the pavements are the same as on the shop
on Russische Gasse, also the opening of the window and the lines in
the plaster to the entrance of the delicatessen, and the entrance
itself are identical.

On the other hand the pictures available on Yandex show a very
different architecture. So Mimi it is most probably a case of combined
memory, Schmiedgasse that had a different shop and your nice familiar
memories tied to that street.

And Gary the pants are "Pumphosen" and I hate them until to-day.

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