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Mordehai ,yes this is the St Peters square
The street right is the St Nikolausgasse
 The little greenery is a memorial site for the
 ONU Ukrainean national freedom fighters unions.
  In my time fenced in giant chestnut trees.
  To the rest of your queries I have no answer, sorry.

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Dear Hardy,

Two questions and a request: please

1. Am I correct in assuming that the little square on the right front is the
St- Peters Platz?
2. Do you happen to recall a textile weaving (curtains etc ) factory on
Russische gasse between Petrowitcz g. and Buergermeister Dr. Riess g.? A
friend of mine, probably your age, named Freddy (I do not recall his family
name) lived in the courtyard of the factory on the first floor?
Unfortunately he was deported to Transnistria right at the beginning and I
do not know if he returned safely.

The request - if you happen to find a similar panorama of the
Springbrunnenplatz, viewed from south (direction Bahnhofstrasse) please put
its link in a mail.

Thanks in advance

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נושא: [Cz-L] Panorama Ruska West
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> Panorama from the Greek Catholic Church on Ruska
> to the Ringplatz .
> Hardy
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