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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 02:42:07 +0500
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Berti , what is the little park with the monument
in the center ?

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=E0=EC: Hardy Breier
=F2=E5=FA=F7: Czernowitz Genealogy and History
=F0=E5=F9=E0: Re: [Cz-L] Czernowitz from above

I had a hunch but only after reading comment 3 in whatsup it got =
clearer. I
think the white new building on the right did not exist in my time but =
the 2
opposite universities were there OK. Universitaets- corner =
on the immediate left. The angle of the photo is so inclined that the =
=A0are =A0not distinguishable. Still corner Goethegasse, and on the =
Altgasse can be seen. If he had moved the camera a little to the left I
might have got a look of the terrace of Albertinengasse 3 from where I =
viewed the back of the university building.

Realy astonishing picture.

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