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[Plain text next time --thanks]

Dear Alexander=2C

Thanks indeed=2E The picture raises so many memories=2C because I have l=
ast seen this place in the spring of 1945=2E=2E=2E
As I recall it=2C this was the entrance to the courtyard=2E The factory =
itself=2C in my times (end thirties - 1945) was=2C in a building in the =
back of the courtyard=2E Some of the principal workers lived in the flat=
s in the house that is seen in the front=2C and some in a small house on=
 the left of the courtyard=2E The warehouse=2C with the troughs for chec=
king the curtain stuff=2C and for storing the cut merchandise=2C was in =
a large (in my eyes then) hangar on the right side of the courtyard=2C t=
hat is behind the no=2E 18 building=2E
Just a little funny anecdote to the story about the factory=2C during th=
e Romanian occupation=2E =

As I already mentioned=2C it was owned by a Rumanian official=2C who had=
 excellent understanding with my uncle=2C who also originated in the Reg=
at=2C so they spoke Regat type Romanian=2E Once he was sick=2C and my un=
cle=2C the =22meister=22 with a couple of other chief workers went to vi=
sit him (Mitzvat Bikur Kholim=2E=2E=2E=2E) in his flat that was close=2C=
 around the corner=2C in Dr=2E Reissgasse=2E When they were leaving they=
 wished him=2C of course=2C the best of health etc=2E and he dumbfounded=
 them with his response=3A =22Gam Lakhem=22 (Hebrew for =22Same to you=22=
)=2E Apparently he had had lots of contacts with Jews in Romania itself=2C=
 had picked up some Yiddish=2C and he was quite aware that the good wish=
es might not be too sincere=2E So he made sure they understood he was aw=
are of it=2E=2E=2E
A question=2C please=2C since I am not familiar with the Yandex system=2E=
 How can I download the picture as a Picture on my computer and save it=2E=

Thanks very much again


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 =5BCz-L=5D Panorama Ruska West
=D7=90=D7=9C=3A =22lapidotm=40inter=2Enet=2Eil=22 =3Clapidotm=40inter=2E=
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=3E Hi Mordecai=2C
=3E =

=3E thank you very much for this interesting story=2E
=3E =

=3E If you follow this link you will see the factory house on the =

=3E right side=3A Number 20=2C ground flour painted red=2E
=3E Just put this into the address bar of your browser=3A
=3E =

=3E http=3A//maps=2Eyandex=2Eru/=3Ftext=3D=25D0=25A3=25D0=25BA=25D1=2580=
7765996749883=7Espn=253A65=2E81627584333358=252C27=2E252072055096935 =

=3E =

=3E =

=3E Alex
=3E =

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