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I am unable to obtain information regarding my maternal great
grandparents prior to my grandparents coming to America. What I have is
that Ephraim Sandler (1840-1920) married Adele Sandler (1948-1898), my
great grandparents. My grandparents Hirsch Bender (1871-2/24/1957), son
of Benjamin Bender & Sossa Tillie, married Golda Sandler (1878-5/16/1939).

Ships manifest indicates they came from Stanesti, Buckawina, Romania. I
recall the town of Chenowitz mentioned.

They arrived in America 12/17/1920 from LaHavre on ship Roussillon. With
8 of their 10 children. 2 eldest arriving earlier and both now married.

I'm trying to go back as far as I can. Such as their relationship with
the community and any relative which did not come to America. Can you
offer any assistance?

Gary I. Busman

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