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I suppose Cora means children that were left by their parents at non-Jewish
families, at convents, or such. I have never heard of such cases in the
Bukovina. Albeit there is one case in my family. My cousin's (Ruth Sharvit
nee Schaerf) husband Aryeh born Sternbach who was with his parents in Ghetto
Lvov (Poland) was left by his mother at a non Jewish family, and picked up
by her after the war. The story is on "ehpes". Another story is in my wife's
family in Lithuania. One of her cousins was left with a non Jewish family.
Her parents perished in the holocaust, and when close family members
returned after the war and came to pick her up, she didn't want to leave the
family that hid her. Grew up as a Christian and married one. My wife's
family keep contact with her, and her family. I have met here in Israel a
few of those "children". Every one with a story worth a large novel, and a
 Yosef Eshet

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Cora ,
Are the lost children Jewish only ?
Are they from Czernowitz Bukovina ?
  Born at Holocaust times ?
They must be very old then,
  Their parents even older !
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Cora - that's wonderful work you and they do. Are these "children"
still looking for family after all these years or were they all
reunited with someone?


On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 10:04 AM, CoraSchwartz <> wrote:
> Hello friends of Cz!
> Just an update on my latest endeavor: I am a volunteer at the Hidden Child
Foundation in New York (which is under the umbrella of the ADL/Anti
Defamation League.) I mostly help with the archiving of thousands of
letters that have been sent to the HC over the years. We are always
reaching out to survivors who were hidden children, have a wonderful,
informative newsletter and help lead survivors to agencies that can help
with financial problems. If you were a hidden child, or know someone who
was, please do contact us and/or keep us in mind.
> Shabbat shalom
> Cora
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