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 Hello Steven,

Here it is at the National Library of Israel

Here are the digitalized issues ( 123) from 1924 to 1939.

Yes, I will still like very much to read it and help, if I can.

Regards from Haifa,

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Hello all,

I've used my less-than-stellar ability to translate printed Yiddish to
translate into English an article published in the April 13, 1936 edition of
the Yiddish-language journal "Der literarishe bleter." It was written in Tel
Aviv by journalist Nakhem Mayzel, and is entitled, "The Jewish Cultural Life
in Romania." Unfortunately I didn't scan and copy the entire article at the
time, so it is missing an unknown amount of the text that would complete the
article. You still might like to read it. If those of you who might know
Yiddish, perhaps you can let me know privately what the meaning is of the
few words I left in the text in Yiddish, which I've italicized, that would
be nice.. Bukovina and Czernowitz are mentioned briefly in the article, I
think relating to a school for Jewish girls in the "Morgnroyt palace."

Two questions: First, is there a link to a site where there are copies of
the "Literarishe bleter"? And if so, what is the link?
Secondly, what was the "Morgnroyt," and was it associated with the Bundists,
and if so how?

You can see my translation at

Best to all my Cz'er friends,
Steve Lasky
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