RE: [Cz-L] Can you date this document?

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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 11:29:36 -0000
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There is a point here which makes the date interesting! The Romanian authorities were trying to make everything in Romanian...yet this is bilingual. Apart from that I find it fascinating that a Medical Association is being formed at such a late stage...and I thought that maybe someone would recognize the names of the 2 obviously Jewish doctors who signed this!! Cornel

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It looks as if the document was written with the same typewriter in both languages. I think there were no such writers before the 1930th.
The Romanian version although probably translated from German is correctly written, and there is no reason to suppose that the writer has not perfect knowledge of the current orthography, so that if he writes l'a determinat instead l-a determinat it must have been before the introduction of specific changes for ' and- in Romanian grammar that occurred, I think, sometimes in 1936/7. But geh weiss!

And of what importance is the exact date (except to give us old people some subject to keep the discussion alive)?


On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 10:26 PM, Hardy Breier <> wrote:
> With a certain amount of certitude it was written between the years
> 1920 and 1940.
> I is a demand for backlog contributions for destitute doctors.
> Why is the date so critically important ?
> Hardy
> [The messenger also wondered the same thing -j]
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> Cornel Fleming asks your help in dating this doucment:
> It's in both German and Romanian.
> Best,
> jerome
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