Re: [Cz-L] New at the Czernowitz Book Corner: Bukovina Under Austrian Rule

From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 20:45:18 +0000
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Thanks so much Edgar and Wolf. This is a really unique publication. I
scanned through the collection of pictures, and I only wish I could read

Many thanks!


On 12/13/14, 7:18, "Edgar Hauster" <> wrote:

>It's our fellow member Wolf A. Terner from Stockholm, Sweden, who drew
>our attention in June 2014 to the special edition of the Romanian
>magazine "Historia Speciala" under the title "BUCOVINA SUB STAPANIRE
>AUSTRIACA" [Bukovina Under Austrian Rule], released by "Historia" in
>March 2014. This magazine is available now at the Czernowitz Book Corner
>containing the following articles:
>- Bukovina, Sweet Bukovina
>- Bukovina, From a Region Preponderantly Inhabited by Romanians to a
>Multiethnic Mosaic
>- Czernowitz: Little Vienna of the East
>- The Population of Bukovina During the Austrian Rule (1774-1918)
>- The Austrian Pearl of Bukovina at the Point of Collapse
>- Putna, 1871: The First Congress of Students From All Quarters
>- Fundul Moldovei, Ten Years After the Great Union Day
>- Iacobeni in Bukovina: Glorious Years During the Austrian Rule
>- The Strategical Dimension of Bukovina
>No doubt about, the magazine is strictly written from a Romanian
>perspective, but the generously illustrated and documented edition is
>nevertheless interesting for all of us. This is now the second
>publication at the Czernowitz Book Corner following the release of the
>"Jubilee Edition Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the [Czernowitz]
>Temple, Chanukah 5698 / November 28, 1937" in July 2014
>and we've scheduled to publish from now on periodically the "Book of the
>Month". "Bukovina Under Austrian Rule" is our contribution for December
>2014; several books are staying in line!
>Thank you, dear Wolf! Enjoy the reading!
>Edgar Hauster
>Lent - The Netherlands
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