Re: [Cz-L] Updated Bucovina Region Vital Records database

From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 20:20:08 +0000
To: Edgar Hauster <>

Hi Edgar,

Can I ask you to pass the following message on to Martina? (I don’t have
her email address . . . ). Bob Wascou has asked me to take over the
Bucovina Vital Records Project due to his failing health. So I guess I’ll
be the person getting Martina started:

Dear Martina!

Thanks for volunteering. We have received your Rom-Sig volunteer form.

The next thing that you have to do is to fill out a Volunteer Agreement
for JewishGen.

It can be found at

In Part II of the form check “databases"

Project description is:
Translator for the Romania Records Projects

Who is the Project Manager: Check “Other” and Enter
"Bruce Reisch”

Agree to the “Legal Stuff”.

Let me know when you have done that and I will get
 you started.

Many thanks!


On 12/15/14, 8:20, "Edgar Hauster" <> wrote:

>Hi Bruce,
>it's Martina Lelgemann from Germany and OUR common address here is as
>Edgar Hauster
>Martina Lelgemann
>Gerhard-van-Clev-Straße 39
>47495 Rheinberg
>However, my address - your vacations penthouse on the Rhine in good old
>Europe - in the Netherlands remains:
>Edgar Hauster
>Veerdam 5
>6663 KW Lent
>I'll ask Martina to fill out the volunteer form. Take care, my friend!
>Edgar Hauster <iPad>
>Lent - The Netherlands
>> Am 15.12.2014 um 14:10 schrieb Bruce Reisch <>:
>> All of this is FANTASTIC news, Edgar. With regard to the 1800s period
>> census data, it would be amazing to have access to electronic images,
>> eventually to an index to the data within. Regarding the new book of
>> month for January, I wait anxiously!
>> Very glad to know that Martina is willing to help with the Bucovina
>> Vital Records Database. I have a very hard time myself reading the
>> records in old German, but for Martina it shouldn’t be a problem! I
>> write a note to Bob Wascou and at the same time, I hope Martina will
>> proceed to fill out the volunteer form at this site:
>> <>
>> It would be good to know Martina’s surname; otherwise I would have to
>> write to Bob that he will soon hear from “Martina L.” from the
>> . . .
>> There are some town name inaccuracies on this form, but please overlook
>> them for now and ask Martina to check off “Bucovina Region” as having
>> records of interest.
>> Warmest wishes!
>> Bruce
>>> On 12/15/14, 7:47, "Edgar Hauster" <> wrote:
>>> Hi Bruce, Hi Jerome
>>> 1. Martina is still working on the transcription of Daniel's Czernowitz
>>> BMD Index Database, but keeping in mind your appeal and the
>>> of Bob's request, she agreed to volunteer for the Bucovina Region Vital
>>> Records Database within the realms of possibility. You know about
>>> Martina's capability of fluently reading even old German [Gothic and/or
>>> Sütterlin]. Would you like to introduce Martina to Bob with respect to
>>> this project?
>>> 2. I've scheduled a short trip via Cluj in Romania to Czernowitz
>>> (18.01.2015 - 23.01.2015), in order to assist, moderate, "supervise" a
>>> tripartite meeting between
>>> Inna A. Konusin, Field Relations and Operations Manager FamilySearch,
>>> Prague
>>> Mykola Kuschnir, Director Czernowitz Jewish Museum
>>> Dimitro Jmunduleak, Director of the Czernowitz Regional Archives
>>> with resepect to the 1800's Census Data Imaging project in Czernowitz.
>>> Keep your fingers crossed please! If this will work, Martina is going
>>> get a life's work; just remember, 93 double-pages census books of
>>> 3. "Stay tuned" for the Czernowitz Book Corner at
>>> Book of the Month [January] will be
>>> something very special (553 pages) AND IN ENGLISH!
>>> I'm (We are) still there, dear friends! Warmest wishes as always to
>>> of you, stay healthy and enjoy the upcoming holidays!
>>> Edgar Hauster
>>> Lent - The Netherlands
>>> ----------------------------------------
>>>> From:
>>>> To:
>>>> Subject: Re: [Cz-L] Updated Bucovina Region Vital Records database
>>>> Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 14:35:35 +0000
>>>> I’d like to underscore the request for more volunteers to complete
>>>> record transcription project. It’s not easy reading and transcribing
>>>> records from old German, but there are resources available online to
>>>> help.
>>>> (For example, see
>>>> <>).
>>>> Repeating a note from Bob Wascou:
>>>> "ROM-SIG needs people who can translate German birth,
>>>> marriage or death records so that the translations can be place online
>>>> in the JewishGen Romanian database.
>>>> We especially need help with records from Campulung Moldovenesc,
>>>> Gura Humorului, Radauti, Solca and Suceava from the Bucovina
>>>> Region of Romania.
>>>> Please let me know what language you can help with and records from
>>>> which town you would like to work on by filling out the form at
>>>> <> "
>>>> Please share with us your success in searching this database. From my
>>>> part, I found a whole branch of my great grandfather’s family lived in
>>>> Suceava before emigration to the U.S. I now have more names and dates
>>>> birth, but I still have yet to locate descendants here in the U.S.
>>>> (HELLMANs anyone?)
>>>> Best wishes,
>>>> Bruce
>>>>> On 12/2/14, 10:51, "Steven Lasky" <> wrote:
>>>>> This comes from the ROM-SIG Discussion Group:
>>>>> The Bucovina Region Vital Records database which is part of the
>>>>> JewishGen
>>>>> Romania Database at
>>>>> has now
>>>>> updated.
>>>>> There are now more than 12,500 Jewish birth, marriage, and death
>>>>> records,
>>>>> from Kimpolung (Campulung Moldovensec), Gurahumora (Gura Humorului),
>>>>> Radautz, Solka (Solca), Suczawa (Suceava), and surrounding villages
>>>>> the
>>>>> database. This is almost double the number of records that were
>>>>> previously
>>>>> in the database.
>>>>> We still have additional 12,500 records that need to be translated.
>>>>> include births, marriages and deaths. If you are able to translate
>>>>> records
>>>>> that are in Old German please contact me. We can also use people who
>>>>> translate Romanian to work on records from the Moldavia Region of
>>>>> Romania
>>>>> We would also like to thank everyone who worked on the database for
>>>>> their
>>>>> hard work. Without you we would not be able to have this update.
>>>>> Bob Wascou ROM-SIG Research Coordinator
>>>>> Rosanne Leeson
>>>>> Hanna Beth-el Etedgi (Jeni Armandez)
>>>>> JeffreyGorney
>>>>> ROM-SIG Co-Coordinators
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