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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 00:16:04 +0100

Thank you, dear Bruce! It is exciting to publish this book. It took me a lot of work and time. But I'm glad I did all of this - the travels, the blog, the book. And I'm proud to have met all the people connected with it. If you and Jerome wouldn't have encouraged me to join the Cz list, this would not have happened. I'm grateful to both of you for this!
Best wishes from Cologne,
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Congratulations, Christian - and Mazel Tov!

I look forward to seeing your book when published.

Warmest wishes,


On 12/21/14, 17:05, "Christian Herrmann" <> wrote:

>Dear all,
>Many of you followed my wanderings through Galicia and Bukovina and I'm
>grateful to you and your comments. With me was my old camera; I took
>photos whenever I was travelling in the last two years. Classic black and
>white photography. Thanks to the Rhineland Regional Association I'm now
>able to publish some of my photos as a book.
>Coming on January 15: my book "Spurensuche" (Searching for Traces). 64
>pages with 52 full-page photos of the remaining Jewish heritage of
>Galicia and Bukovina in Western Ukraine. You can pre-order through your
>bookstore (ISBN 978-3-00-048258-8) or directly from the publisher
>( by sending an
>e-mail to
>From December 26 on I will travel again. This time I will go north from
>Lviv to Volhynia - Lutsk, Kovel, Rivne, Dubno and Ostroh are on my
>schedule. And Trochenbrod - the only all-Jewish town that existed out of
>the land of Israel. I hope you will virtualy travel with me again! As
>usual travel reports will be published here:
>I wish you peaceful holidays!
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