Miriam Lava's Family Photographs

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My father, Mosche Rosener, taken in Israel - 1957. A
portion of his memoirs written in 1994 are available by
clicking HERE

My grandfather Josef Mordechi Rosner. b. 1877. He
lived in Kizelitze before his marriage.

My grandmother, Hendel (Helene) nee Pfau from Kuty,
b. around 1875.

My grandfather, my father and my grandmother, a few days before my family left
Vienna for Eretz Israel in 1939.

My grandfather Josef Rosner reading the newspaper.  In Feb. 1939, the four of us,
my mother, Yehudit (Hedwig) Rosner (nee Finaly), my Father, Mosche, my two year
old brother Michael and myself, left for Israel. A few months - or perhaps one year
later, my grandfather's family in Czernowitz, succeeded to bring my grandparents,
Hendel and Josef Rosner, from Vienna to Czernowitz. From Czernowitz Hendel
and Josef were deported to Transnistria. Both of them perished there, in Transnistria
at "the other side of the Bug".