The Bukovina Get-togethers Album

Jewish Bukovinians are a sociable lot and meet all over the world. Here's some photographic evidence.
1970-Bucharest, Romania - From left: Ita Singer (Bucharest, Romania), Carl Hirsch (USA), Gottfried Brenner (Ploiesti, Romania), Marek Singer (Bucharest, Romania), Hedwig Brenner (Haifa, Israel), Lotte Hirsch (USA - mother of Marianne) 1982-June-Greenwich, Connecticut, USA - Photo taken at Gaby Rinzler's daughter's wedding at the Greenwich Yacht Club. Two or 3 other Czernowitzers present at the wedding (Felix & Izy Albrecht and maybe David Rinzler) are not in the picture. Seating from left are: Fredi Nachman, his wife Rodica, Fred Schneider and his wife Tosia; standing from left my wife Mira Rinzler, my brother Al Rinzler, Sheva Nachman, me (Gaby Rinzler), Kurti Nachman (Sheva's husband) Toto Thau and his wife Brixi. All the men are Czernowitzers and so is Sheva. Mira is a Bucharester and so is Rodica. Tosia is Polish and Brixi is from Vienna. 1984-Haifa, Israel - At the home of the Brenners: Mizzi Gad-Gutherz, Dr.Berthold Merdler (Suczawa), Bella Merdler, Dr.Mayberg, Gottfried Brenner and Hedy Hornstein(Duesseldorf) standing, Malvina Mayberg, Hedwig Brenner (sitting). Guido Hornstein was the photographer. 1985-Tel Aviv, Israel - Taken in a hotel - from left to right: Emanuel Hacken, Gottfried Brenner, Lotte Hirsch, Hedwig Brenner, Vera Hacken. The photographer is Carl Hirsch. The Hackens and Hirschs came from USA, the Brenners from Haifa.
1986, June- Düsseldorf, Germany - At the home of Edi Bong - from left: Jakob Hirsch (uncle of Marianne), Hedwig Brenner, Lilly Hirsch (aunt of Marianne), Gottfried Brenner; seated: Professor Eduard Bong 1986-March-Greenwich, Connecticut, USA - Photo taken by Izy Albrecht in 1986 at my 60th birthday party; left to right: Professor Felix Albrecht, Professor Manfred Nachman, Engineer Kurt Nachman, Gabriel Rinzler, MD, Engineer Albert Thau. 1986-Tel Aviv, Israel Klassentreffen 50 years later - Dr.Daniel (the husband of Alice from Heilbronn, Germany), Musia Rodewald-Moskaliuk (from Muenchen, Germany), Alice Daniel-Lutz (from Heilbronn), unknown lady, Bronia Ackermannm (from Rosh-Pinah, Israel), Kaethe Krauthammer-Zallik ( from Tel-Aviv). 1986-Tel Aviv, Israel, Klassentreffen. Reunion of schoolmates, 50 years after graduation – Hedwig Brenner-Langhaus ( from Haifa), Alice Daniel-Lutz (from Heilbronn, Germany), Musia Rodewald-Moskaliuk ( from Muenchen, Germany, died), Eva Blumenthal-Thau (from Tel-Aviv, died).
1986-Tel Aviv, Israel - Klassentreffen – Reunion of schoolmates, 50 years after graduation – Hedwig Brenner-Langhaus ( from Haifa), Alice Daniel-Lutz (from Heilbronn, Germany), Musia Rodewald-Moskaliuk ( from Muenchen, Germany, deceased), Eva Blumenthal-Thau (from Tel-Aviv, deceased). 1990's Tel Aviv, Israel - Gadi Rennert’s mother, Mita Rennert, standing second on the right, graduated the Oltea Duamna school in 1938 (born 1921). Perhaps the people in the picture are from different classes. Ada Buchsbaum - in the back on the left side, and maybe Frizi (?) in the middle in yellow 1993-New York - from right to left, Samuel Shkolnik, his late wife, Dr.Sofia Shkolnik, Roberta Kessler (born in the USA) and her husband - Samuel'sbrother, Prof. Adam Kessler (born in Czernowitz). 1995-October-Montreal, Canada - Back: Sheila Harris Kastner, Bernie Kastner, Marcy Kastner Levine, Mark Klein, Jimmy Kastner, Bob Klein, Merle Kastner, Front: Felicia “Finkie” Kastner Klein, Tzippora “Cipi” Kastner Gilat, Annie Shivilenko.
1997-August-El Morocco Restaurant, Montreal, Canada -  Merle Kastner, Rita Schechner Jacobs, Felicia “Finkie” Kastner Klein, Brianna Rockbrand, Brenda Kastner Rockbrand. 1997-August-Ernie & Ellie’s Restaurant, Montreal, Canada - Brenda Kastner Rockbrand, Felicia “Finkie” Kastner Klein, Elizabeth Kastner, Norma Gaspari Kastner, Sheila Harris Kastner, Rita/Rivka Schechner Jacobs, Riva Kastner Bercovitch, Malka Kastner Avidar. 1997-August-Ernie & Ellie’s Restaurant, Montreal, Canada - Betty Limonchik Millman, Mildred Dalfen Balter, Shirley Dalfen Pomerantz, Claire Grill Dalfen, Celia Wilson Herman, Sandra Litwin Farber, Debbie Dalfen Shouela, Sheila Dalfen Fried, Dyna Applebaum Dalfen 1997-August-Ernie & Ellie’s Restaurant, Montreal, Canada - Joanie Sager Liberman, Sandra Litwin Farber, Merle Kastner, Layne Dalfen Morris, Chelsea Karachinsky (Layne’s daughter), Donna Selick Hutman, Sheila Silverstone Madan, Dora Kastner Fleischer, Netty Kastner Moses.
1997-March-La Tulippe Noire Restaurant, Montreal, Canada - Betty Limonchik Millman, Brianna Rockbrand, Brenda Kastner Rockbrand, Arnold Kastner, Evelyn Plotnick Kastner, Clare Plunguian Gilbert, Dan Gilbert, Elizabeth Kastner, Murray Kastner. 1997-November, Montreal, Canada - Sidi and Isador Pachter, in their store, “Pador”. 1997-October- Ernie & Ellie’s Restaurant, Montreal, Canada - Sheila Dalfen Fried, Brenda Kastner Rockbrand, Lolly Schnitzler Hutman, Elizabeth Kastner (hidden from view), Layne Dalfen Morris, Joanie Sager Liberman, Roslyn Dalfen Guttman, Linda Lev Lehrer, Sheila Kastner Whitzman, Sharon Rottenberg Kates, Merle Kastner, Arlene Marco Yufe, Sandra Halickman Agulnik, Connie Rottenberg Halickman, Shirley Halickman Merling Light, Mildred Dalfen Balter, Sandra Litwin Farber. 1997-October-Montreal,Canada - Bess Kastner, Linda Kastner, Brenda Kastner Rockbrand
1997-October-Montreal,Canada - Arthur Moses, Lise Larsen Backman, Gersh Madan, Sheila Silverstone Madan, Felicia “Finkie” Kastner Klein, Bob Klein, Sheila Kastner Whitzman - 1998-August-South Royalton, Vermont, USA - Sheila Kastner Whitzman & Rita Schechner Jacobs. 1999-04-11-Karmiel, Israel - L - R: Bruce Reisch, Uri Geva, Elisheva Kastner Geva, Merle Kastner, Yair Geva (in front) 1999-January-Caracas, Venezuela - Hillo Ostfeld, Klara Pesate Ostfeld, Merle Kastner
1999-March-Tel Aviv, Israel - Myriam Halfin Ostfeld & Merle Kastner 1999-March-Tel Aviv, Israel - Rachel Schnitzer Shlinka, Max Kastner, Paula Schoss Kastner, Bruce Reisch, Cipi Kastner Gilat, Yitzhak Gilat 1999-March-Karmiel, Israel - Bruce Reisch, Uri Geva, Elisheva Kastner Geva, Asher “Asi” Geva, Merle Kastner, Yair Geva. 1999-Montreal, Canada - Left to right: Klara Pesate Ostfeld, Merle Kastner, Sidi/Sima Ackerman Segall (sister of Klara’s husband Hillo Ostfeld), Paula Katz (also née Katz) Harry Segall.
2000-May 13-Montreal, Canada - Eisig "Aziu" Moses, Bruce Reisch, Dora Kastner Fleischer, Netty Kastner Moses 2000-May 15-Montreal,Canada - Bruce Reisch, David Rinzler, Sarah Freedman, in back: Mel Niederhoffer. 2001-July-Montreal, Canada - Netty Kastner Moses, Eisig Moses, Joel Rudich. 2001-Los Angeles, California, USA - Back: Alex Brucker, Bruce Reisch, Alfred Siegel, Milt Brucker, Charles Brucker, Shel Brucker, Front: Ann (Brucker) Stone and Lottie Brucker Siegel.
2001-October, Montreal, Canada - Mariette Gutherz, Rita Stenzler Lecker, Markus Lecker 2002-March - Montreal, Canada - Sheila Kastner Whitzman and Markus Lecker 2002-July 3- Toronto, Ontario,Canada - Alti Rodal, Renee Stern Steinig. 2002-July- Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Cliff Rees, Bruce Reisch
2002-July-Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Merle Kastner, Ignacio Sternberg, Renée Sternberg. 2002-July-Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Back: Dr. Mickey Rostoker, Ignacio Sternberg, Dr. Simon Kreindler, Cliff Rees, Bruce Reisch; Front: Merle Kastner, Renee Stern Steinig, Renée Sternberg, Alti Rodal, Ruby Wolfe Kreindler. 2002-August- Montreal, Canada - Mariette Gutherz, Sylvie Reicher Gsell, Merle Kastner 2002-September-Montreal, Canada - Kalimera Restaurant-Jeannie Kastner Ostrov, Merle Kastner, Dr. Barry Steiger, Sheila Kastner Whitzman.
2003-May-Montreal, Canada - Bruce Reisch, Merle Kastner, Cliff Rees 2003-September-Haifa, Israel - At the home of Hedwig Brenner to celebrate her 85th birthday -Andy Rosengarten, Hedwig Brenner, Ignatz Ellenbogen, Lya Shayowitch, Jetty Ellenbogen 2003-Washington, DC-USA - Hymie Reichstein, Ignacio Sternberg, Alti Rodal, Alti Rodal, Hymie Reichstein, Joyce Field, *unidentified, Ruth Gavis, *unidentified, Jerry Gavis-Bukoviners at the kosher deli. 2005-December, Haifa, Israel - First mini-reunion in Haifa - From left: Anita Suessman, Hedwig Brenner, Lucca Ginsburg, Irene Fishler, Mimi Taylor, Leander Rosengarten z"l, Leah Rosengarten.
2006, April-Haifa, Israel - At the home of Dr.Benno Sternberg, Haifa, at his 90th birthday Sylvia David, Lya Schayowitsch, Benno Sternberg, Hedwig Brenner. 2006-August-New York, NY, USA - Rae Melnick Barent, Judi Stein Ghert, Renee Stern Steinig, Bruce Reisch, Vladimir Sinayuk, Merle Kastner, Bernie Levy at a kosher deli. 2006-Reunion - Czernowitz-Cheremosh Hotel  - Never before in one picture were there so many of ours. Front row: Third from left: Yehudit Yerushalmi-Terris, Charles Rosner (in the center with crossed forearms); fifth: Gabrielle (Gold) Weissman holding her bag with two hands; sixth: Abraham Kogan; seventh: Dudu Kogan, behind him with glasses Leo Spitzer, Marianne Hirsch's husband; behind Charles with grey polo-shirt is Félix Zuckermann, Frau Rosa Zuckermann's only son. Behind him, Rita Shilo with glasses. The last two on the right hand side are Florence Heymann with the long blond hair, talking to her husband Jacky. 2006-Reunion - Suceava.  On the way to the Reunion at the meeting point – at McDonalds – Joana Rostos (our local anchor) with Shelly Breier and Arthur Rindner, discussing details while bags are loaded into the shuttle
2007-March-Tel Aviv, Israel - from left): Irene Fishler (Ehrenkranz); Eduard Weissmann; Busia Blum (Bea's mother, z"l); Ria Gold (Gabriele's mother); Gabriele Weissmann; Bracha Laszlo (Bea-Beatrice Blum). 2007-March-Haifa, Israel  -  Dan Hotel. Standing: Lucca Ginsburg, Irene Fishler; seated: Hardy Breier, Alex Raviv. 2008-Czernowitz-Northern Romania trip - 18 Cousins – the Rinzler-Halstuch Families. Back row - left to right: Alexander Wolloch (Miami, Florida USA), Eugene Mayer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA), Bar-El Wachtel (Israel), Daniel Wachtel (Brisbane, Australia), Blima Kirmayer Mitre (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA), Beatriz Tannen (San Diego, California, USA), Felicia Halstuch Kaplun (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Clary Kirmayer (Madrid, Spain). Standing in back: Robert Polin (Washington, DC, USA), Ricardo Mitre (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA), next to Clary Kirmayer, Raquel Szalachman (Santiago, Chile) Bertha Horowitz (Dombrower) (Agoura, California, USA), David Kirmayer Schmeltzer (Santa-Cruz, Bolivia), Sara and David Rinzler (Montreal, Canada), In front: Julie (Nana) Rinzler Mayer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA), Gerty Horowitz Schleien (Agoura, California, USA) 2008-October Czernowitz - Charles Rosner, Sylvia de Swaan and Cornel Fleming at the Czernowitzer cemetery during the 600-year celebration.
2009- Kiriat Bialik, Israel - Nana Weber, Sylvie Reicher Gsell and Vigdor Brecher 2009-August-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Back: Rae Melnick Barent, Mel Niederhofer, unidentified*, Merle Kastner, Bruce Reisch, Sandra Greenberg, Bernice Iscovitch Goldsmith (Goldschmidt), *unidentified, Lea Haber-Gedalia, seated: *unidentified, *unidentified, Daniel Horowitz at the Comcase Food Court 2009-Monticello, New York, USA - Bottom, from left , Jack and Vicky (Gedaly) Gruber, Justin Schiavo, Lily Schiavo, Top, from left, Dan Marks (Becky's fiance), Becky Gordon, Ben Gordon, Sarah Gordon, Scott Gordon, Ilana Gordon, Stella Acher, Ken Caine, Stuart Acher, Monelle Schiavo, Micael Schiavo, Sam Schiavo, on the occasion of Jack Gruber’s 85th birthday. 2009-September-Montreal, Canada - Mariette Gutherz and Merle Kastner.
2009-September-Montreal, Canada - Left to right: Bruce Reisch, Sylvie Reicher Gsell, Amiram Gelbart, Merle Kastner 2010-July13-Radautz, Bukovina - Nomy Weber, Dorin Fränkel et Michael Kastner - both photos 2010-July-Los Angeles, California, USA - Bukoviners afternoon meeting-Back: Danny Fischler, Melita Fuhrman Vickter, Emily Lambert, Renee Stern Steinig, Maita Prout, Jessie Attiyeh, Merle Kastner, Gay Lynne Kegan, Dan Tuerk, Bernard Cedar, Milton Taylor; Front: Roberta Bell, Gloria Resin, Mimi Taylor, Rae Melnick Barent, Lenore Lambert. (missing from this photo: Saralea Altman, Emily Garber & Jan Tuerk, who had to leave early). 2010-November-Haifa, Israel - From left: Mani Enzer , Oded Blaustein, Irene Fishler
2011-January-Haifa, Israel - Irene Fishler with David Fruchter (who lives in New York) - the first meeting. Irene’s uncle, Ewald Ehrenkranz, was David's great-grandfather. 2011-January-Haifa, Israel - Danny Fishler with David Fruchter (who lives in New York). Danny is a great-grandson and David is a great-great-grandson of Jochewed Ehrenkranz and Shulem Schechter from Czernowitz 2011-February-Haifa, Israel - At Hedwig Brenner’s house at a small Czernowitzer party. From left: Hedwig, Ruth Enis, Shelly (née Herscu) Breier, Hardy Breier, Irene Fishler; standing: Christian Hermann and his friend, Tana Stern. Christian, the initiator of the German Youth action to clean the Jewish cemetery (working with his friend Doerte). He writes: “Tana and I with the Czernowitzers in Haifa. Our trip to Israel became an unforgettable event thanks to our friends Shula, Tana, Nissim, Irit, Hedwig, Ruth, Shelly, Irene, Hardy, Arthur, Lee, Sir Isaac Newton and many others. Paul accompanied us virtually. Shula, Tana, Nissim and Hedwig were overwhelmingly touching with hospitality. Doerte (Schlottman) and I will not forget this.” Tana, their host in Tel Aviv (during their December, 2010 trip to Israel) is an Israeli from Koln who has an interesting Holocaust story. 2011-March 18-Atlit, Israel - Scharf family gathering at Lea Haber Gedalia's home-Left: Zipora Scharf Ellenberg Gorochover, Orna and Chen Gorocover, 4th from left Bina Teitler Cohen, 5th Alice Menachemi, 6th Lea Haber Gedalia, 7th Orna Menachemi, 8 Malka Ellenberg Haber, 9 Shlomit Haber Moshiov, 10 Shula Teitler Snir, 11 Gina & Daphna Halperin (Scharf).
2011- Haifa, Israel - Dr. Gaby Rinzler and his wife, Dr. Mira Hutman Rinzler and in the middle, Lucca Ginsburg 2011-April-Czernowitz - Left to right: Katharina and Christine from ASF*, Mimi Taylor, then Sasha Wolloch and Mikola Kushnir. *ASF Germany: Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste, the organization which sent volunteers to work at the cemetery, in both 2009 and 2010. 2011-April-Paris, France - Anny Schäffer Chemla,, Sylvie Reicher Gsell, Lydia Schmerler, Alexis Lieblich. 2011-May, Montreal, Canada - Nahum Halpern's 80th birthday (May 18) and to view the Scharf Family Tree which Leah produced. The Montreal cousins found out exactly how they are related and they were most impressed and grateful for Lea's tremendous work. The whole Tree, glued together covers one wall of Regina’s playroom - 6 meters long! In the group photo from left to right: Alon Wexler, his son Noah (4 yrs), his mother Lea, father Jacob, wife Debra with daughter Talia (2 yrs), Sofie and Shlomo Golts, Nahum Halpern, Regina Perera Halpern, Dafna Halpern Kahn , Zachary Nathaniel Glazer, Tamar Halpern Glazer, Joshua Rafael Glazer, Aron Eli Glazer, Neil Trevor Glazer, Sara (Segev) Aboud and her daughter Jessica Scharf.
2011-May 15-Czernowitz-Wiener Café - Two views of  3 doctors: Dr. Cornel Fleming, Dr. Josef Bursuk, & Dr. Harry Jarvis. 2011-May 15-Czernowitz-Wiener Café - Cornel Fleming, Cornel's wife, son and daughter, Harry Jarvis, Dr. Josef Bursuk, Edgar Hauster. 2011-May 19-Czernowitz - Edgar Hauster, Irene Fishler, Ioana Rostos, Andy Fishler in front of the Czernowitz Theater - where else? 2011-May 20-Radautz - Dorin Frankel and Edgar Hauster at the entrance of the Jewish Community in Radautz.
2011-May21-Paris, France - Paris-from left to right: Annie Schäffer Chemla, Sylvie Reicher Gsell, Florence Ebner Lamarche, Michel Lamarche, Alain Katz, Marianna Darmon and Lydia Schmerler. 2011-May 31-Amsterdam, Netherlands - Mark Wiznitzer and Edgar Hauster meeting at the From “Dada to Surrealism” exhibit at the Jewish Historical Museum. 2011-June, Brooklyn, New York - Standing from left: Stephen Winters, Milton Taylor, Stephen Winters' wife Shelly, Stephen's father (born in Czernowitz as Sigi Schapira, now known as Sigi Winters); seated: on right - Bianka (née End) Winters (Stephen Winter’s mother), left, Mimi Taylor. 2011-June, Brooklyn, New York - Mimi Taylor and Eytan Fichman
2011-July 27-Montreal, Canada - Regina “Gina” Perera Halpern and Merle Kastner. Regina's husband, Nahum Halpern is the Czernowitzer. 2011-August-Washington, DC, USA - The Bukovina Reunion "Bof" at the IAJGS Conference on Jewish genealogy – attending this meeting were: Victoria Barkoff, Bernard Cedar, Rose Elbaum, Joan R. Ganz, Ruth B. Gavis, Susan Gordon, Sylvie Reicher Gsell, Randy Herschart, Daniel Horowitz, Merle Kastner, Irwin Kaufman, Jessie Klein, Jay Lasner, Rosanne Leeson, Bruce Reisch, Renee Stern Steinig, Dan Tuerk and Susan Turnbull 2011, September, Tel-Aviv, Israel - Childhood friends - from left: Nathan Rudel, Irene Fishler (née Ehrenkranz) ; Rodica Kula (neé Loebel), Edy Kula. 2011-Arthur Rindner and Christian Herrmann in Köln, Germany - He showed me the Jewish connection to Köln. The photo was taken at the Kölner Dom
2011-December-Montreal, Canada - Merle Kastner & David “Didi” Rinzler, planning Merle’s trip to Bukovina next summer. 2011-Haifa, Israel - November-Joanna Liss visited Hedwig in Haifa. In this picture are: Hardy Breier, Hedwig Brenner, Carla Kahane, Lucca Ginsberg and Joanna Liss. 2011-November-Berlin, Germany - Hedwig Brenner, Othmar Andrée, Gabriele Weissmann, Eduard Weissmann - This picture was taken on the occasion of Hedwig's reading in Berlin on 01.11.2011 at the exhibition "Scattered All Over the World - 25 Jewish Women Artists Hosted by Inselgalerie Berlin". 2011-November-Berlin, Germany - Gabriele Weissmann, Hedwig Brenner - This picture was taken on the occasion of Hedwig's reading in Berlin on 01.11.2011 at the exhibition "Scattered All Over the World - 25 Jewish Women Artists Hosted by Inselgalerie Berlin".
2011-September 21-Toronto, Ontario, Canada - inner at Mashu Mashu Restaurant. Left to right: Merle Kastner, Dr. Simon Kreindler, Robin Altman (Merle’s daughter) and Ruby Kreindler. 2011-September-Ramat Gan, Israel - Sasha Wolloch and Arthur Rindner in Ramat Gan, Israel, who met to discuss the Czernowitz cemetery work. 2011-Wiesbaden, Germany - While in Germany, I visited Dana Dimitriu in Wiesbaden, where we met Dana’s mother. In this picture are: Adriana Dimitriu, born Tamler (Dana’s mother), Arthur Rindner and Dana Dimitriu. 2012-January, Montreal - Bryna Burman Gartenberg (paternal family from Vizhnitz), Merle Kastner (paternal family from Radautz & Czernowitz), Rebecca Heitner Rosenberg (Heitner family from Czernowitz), after having lunch in Montreal. Bryna's late husband Simon was born in Czernowitz and came to Canada after WWII).
2012-February- Montreal, Canada - Bryna Burman Gartenberg (paternal family from Vizhnitz; Bryna's late husband Simon was born in Czernowitz and came to Canada after WWII) and Bercu “Bert” Manasc, at his home. Bert is Simon's cousin, also born in Czernovitz 2012-March 01, Haifa, Israel - Lucca Ginsburg - z"l and her daughter, Sharon Kruvi 2012-March, 26, Montreal, Canada -  Netty Kastner Moses and Sally Rosenberg Rendell, in Netty’s home 2012-April 16-Haifa, Israel -  Hardy Brier, his wife Shelly and Ruth Enis at the Ahuza Retirement Home
2012-May,Ramat Gan, Israel -  David Glynn and Arthur Rindner on Arthur’s balcony in Ramat Gan, Israel 2012-July-Czernowitz-Chernauti, Ukraine -  Edgar Hauster with him are: standing: Roman Boledzyuk: L-RL Dragos Olaru (Czernowitz Regional Archives), Edgar Hauster, Edward Turkiewitsch; Roman and Edward are active members of Edward is for sure the most prominent and gifted Czernowitz photographer. Dragos is an officer of the Czernowitz Regional Archives. 2012-July-Geneva, New York, USA -  Back row: Kim and Bruce Reisch, Front row: Milton and Mimi Taylor 2012-July-Bucharest Airport, Romania - Sylvie Reicher G’sell, Merle Kastner and Edgar Hauster
2012-July 27-Radauti/Radautz, Romania - Bondy Stenzler and Edgar Hauster on the occasion of the re-inauguration of the Great Temple of Radautz, Bukovina, Romania 2012-July 16 – Paris, France - At the Bukoviners dinner at the IAJGS conference. Left to right: Anny Schaefer Chemla, Marilyn Winters Leroy, Alexis Lieblich, Jan Tuerk, Dan Tuerk 2012-July-Paris, France - Bukoviners Dinner, Hotel Marriott Rive Gauche - Back row: Dale Prince, Cornel Fleming, Mariette Gutherz, Marilyn Winters Leroy, Alexis Lieblich, Elvire Rosemont, Lydia Schmerler, Merle Kastner, Dan Tuerk, Renee Stern Steinig, Jan Tuerk; Back row: Dvorah Netzer, Anny Anny Schaefer Chemla, Marsha Fleming, Sylvie Reicher G'sell 2012-July-Paris, France - Dinner on the first evening of the IAJGS conference-L-R: Cornel Fleming, Marsha Fleming, Merle Kastner, Dayra Diener, John Diener, Sylvie Reicher G’sell, Hannelore Condiescu
2012 -July 16 - Paris, France - At the Bukoviners dinner at the IAJGS conference. Left to right: Lydia Schmerler, Elvire Rosemont, Merle Kastner, Mariette Gutherz, Marsha Fleming, Cornel Fleming 2012 - July 16 - Paris, France - At the Bukoviners dinner at the IAJGS conference. Left to right: Jan Tuerk, Dan Tuerk, Devorah Netzer, Sylvie Reicher Gsell, Elvire Rosemont 2012-July-Radautz/Radauti, Romania - Sylvie Reicher G’sell and Merle Kastner, putting stones on Dorin Frankel’s grave 2012-July-Radautz/Radauti, Romania -   Sylvie Reicher G'sell and Merle Kastner, with Paul Kisczuk, in “Paul’s Select Restaurant”
2012-July-Suceava, Romania - Sylvie Reicher G’sell and Merle Kastner – the last evening at Restaurant Catalan 2012-July-Suceava, Romania - Merle Kastner and Hany Schorr 2012-July-Suceava, Romania - Sylvie Reicher G’sell and Hany Schorr 2012-August-04-Montreal, Canada - Henry & Kathy (née Sachs) Rendall, Merle Kastner, Sally Rendall
2012-December 17-Montreal, Canada - Netty Kastner Moses and Sally Rosenberg Rendall after dinner at Merle Kastner’s 2012 December - Montreal, Canada - Merle Kastner, Netty Kastner Moses, Henry Rendall, Sally Rosenberg Rendall and Cathy Rendall after dinner at Merle’s 2012-December-Montreal, Canada - Monty Hutman, Sheila Kastner Whitzman and Manny "Muniu" Hutman, Monty’s brother 2013-04-11-Haifa, Israel - Lya Shayovitch discussing with Berti Glaubach, Haifa, Israel
2013-May-Radauti, Romania - Orlee Gutman, Merrily Ratner, Tammy Fried at Great-grandmother, Sheindel Ostfeld Kastner’s matzevah 2013-06-19-Haifa, Israel - Wonderful visit with the inimitable Hedwig Brenner. Besides being my mother's best friend for 90 years, Hedy is hard at work on her 6th or 7th book, volume 4 of her biographical dictionary of Jewish women artists. Marianne Hirsch and her husband, Leo Spitzer. 2013-August – Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Bukoviners get together for dinner: Merle Kastner, Bianca Rosenthal, Sylvie Gsell, Lillian Faffer, Bruce Reisch, Sue Rosenthal, Daniel Horowitz, Ruth Gavis, Dan Roseman 2013-August – Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Bukovina table at the IAJGS Conference ‘Share Fair’ – Sylvie Gsell, Bruce Reisch, Merle Kastner, Howard Kaufman
2013-August-Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Bukovina table at the IAJGS Conference ‘Share Fair’ – Sylvie Gsell, Bruce Reisch, Jan Tuerk, Daniel Tuerk, Merle Kastner 2013-August-Montreal, Canada - Netty Kastner Moses and Sylvie Gsell 2014-03-21-Gary Davis and Merle Kastner - Montreal, Canada 2014-May-12-Ruby & Dr. Simon Kreindler, Dr. & Mrs. Fredrick Andermann - Montreal, Canada
2014-05-12-Seven Czernowitzers in Haifa, Israel - L-R: Gideon Engel; Karla Kahane; Hardy Breier, Berti Glaubach; Stela Natanson; Gaby Rinzler; Hedi Brenner.Hedwig’s apartment in Haifa, Israel. 2014-05-12-Haifa, Israel - Hedwig Brenner, Gaby Rinzler-at Hedwig’s apartment in Haifa, Israel 2014-07-Dean Echenberg in Salt Lake City - Discussing a map at the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Daniel Horowitz, Daniel Tuerck, Bernard Cedar, Mark Melmed 2014-07--Dinner in Salt Lake City - Bukoviners and some non-Bukoviner friends have dinner in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – left to right: Daniel Jurca, Annie Cohen London, Hymie London, Jeffrey Gorney, Beth Long, Varie Menasche, Judy (?), Dean Echenberg, Saralea Altman, Merle Kastner; in front: Anita Morse, Steve Morse, Sarah (?).
2014-07-Edgar Hauster - Salt Lake City - 2014-07-Edgar Hauster, participating in the Bukoviners group, via skype, at the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 2014-07-Salt Lake City - Varie Menasche, Dean Echenberg and Daniel Jurca, having dinner in Salt Lake City 2014-07-The Bukoviners group - Holding a discussion, at the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – Daniel Tuerck, Bernard Cedar, Mark Melmed, Jeanette Rosenberg, Daniel Horowitz, Dean Echenberg (leading the discussion), Randy Herschaft, Varie Menasche, Jeffrey Gorney. 2014-07-Saralea Altman and Merle Kastner – Salt Lake City  -- l’Chaim
2014-09-Hedwig Brenner & friends celebrating her 98th birthday at her home in Haifa, Israel 2014-04-From left to right: Janne, volunteer of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace; Mykola Kushnir, Director of the Chernivtsi Museum of Bukovinian Jewish History and Culture; Arthur Rindner and his girlfriend Rina - Arthur volunteers for the World Organization of Bukovina Jews; Edgar Hauster and Christian Herrmann -- our two famous travellers/bloggers 2014-09-Left to right: Jerome Schatten, Paul Heger and Alla Shainskaya - Vancouver, BC, Canada 2014-09-Paul Heger & Alla Shainskaya in Vancouver, Canada.
2015-02-Simon Kreindler&Ruth Glasberg Gold, in Florida,USA 2015-04-Hedwig Brenner & Berti Glaubach at her home in Haifa, Israel 2015-04-Hedwig Brenner & Berti Glaubach at her home in Haifa, Israel.  In the background: the woman in black is Hedy’s friend Christel (Germany), who             helps her with her publications, the woman in red is Berti’s wife, Stefi Bernthal Glaubach 2015-07-06-Marla Raucher Osborn & Sylvie Reicher G’Sell at the Bukovina « Birds of a Feather » meeting at the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem.
2015-07-06-Sylvie Reicher G’Sell, Baruch Eylon & Yefim Kogan at the Bukovina « Birds of a Feather » meeting at the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem. 2015-06  Berlin-Eduard Weissmann, Gabriele Weissmann, Edgar Hauster 2015-06  Lemburg, Ukraine  Edgar Hauster, Sylvia deSwaan, Christian Herrmann 2015-06- Andrzej Polec, photographer and book author of Forgotten. "We, Jews of the Borderland", Edgar Hauster-Warsaw, Poland
2015-06 Warsaw  Jay Osborn, Marla Raucher Osborn, Edgar Hauster 2015-06   Wiesia Jurasz, co-organizer of the exhibition „The Holocaust in the Galician Oil Belt“, Edgar Hauster -Wroclaw, Poland 2015-07   Edgar Hauster, Ingrid Ventuneac, Irene Ciobotaru, Prof. Dr. Ossi Horovitz-Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2015-07   Edgar Edgar Hauster, Christian Herrmann, Arthur Rindner with ASF and SCI/SVIT volunteer groups-Czernowitz
2015-07   Edgar Edgar Hauster, Anna Yamchuk, Mykola Kuschnir, no name, no name, Sidi Barbieru, Bondy Stenzler, Dr. Janina Ilie  -Suceava, Romania 2015-07  Edgar Edgar Hauster, Bondy Stenzler  -Suceava, Romania 2015-07   Edgar Hauster, Sidi Barbieru, Bondy Stenzler  -Suceava, Romania 2015-07   Edgar Hauster,  Janina Ilie, Sidi Barbieru, Bondy Stenzler, Anna Yamchuk, Edgar Hauster, Mykola Kuschnir  -Suceava, Romania
2015-07   Friedrich J. Ortwein, Edgar Hauster- Hennef/Sieg, Germany October 2015.  Preparing for the Summit Bruch in Vancouver Canada-- Bruce Reisch cooks baco... make that chicken strips, while his assistant prepares to flip the 12 egg omlette. 2015-October  The Summit Brunch in Vancouver Canada - Shula Klinger, Bruce Reisch, Edgar Hauster and Jerome Schatten October 2015 First of three Summit dinners...  Lamb shanks, mashed potatos and brussel sprouts, and of course the obligatory red wine. L:R - Winnie Keenan (Jerome's consort and dinner chefette, Bruce, Edgar and Jerome.
2016-04-17-Christian Herrmann, Martina Lelgemann, Marla Raucher Osborn, Edgar Hauster, Jay Osborn at the Düsseldorf Jewish Cemetery 2016-07-28 - Aizik Schaechter, Daniel Horowitz, Taka Fukushima, Asher Turtel -- Or Yehuda, Israel 2016-08-16  Christian Herrmann and Arthur Rindner at the Czernowitz cemetery to meet this year's SVIT volunteers 20-08-16  Sylvia de Swann and Christian Herrmann at the Czernowitz cemetery to meet this year's SVIT volunteers
August 2016 - Seattle IAJGS Bukoviner's Dinner.  L-R: Back row - Robert Zavos, Alex Gelman, Bernie Cedar, Heather Goebel, Judith Ghert;  Front row: Ben Terner, Leah Haber Gedalia, Galina Gelman, Marilyn Lustig, Merle Kastner August 2016 - Seattle IAJGS Bukoviner's Dinner. Jan & Dan Tuerk August 2016 - Seattle IAJGS - BOF meeting August 2016 - Seattle IAJGS - BOF meeting
August 2016 - Seattle IAJGS - BOF meeting August 2016 - Seattle IAJGS - BOF meeting August 2016 - Seattle IAJGS - BOF meeting August 2016 - Seattle IAJGS - BOF meeting
August 2016 - Seattle IAJGS - BOF meeting August 2016  -- Mini Canadian Summit in Vancouver. L>R Shula Klinger, Merle Kastner and Jerome Schatten 2016-11-05 Front: Bruce Reisch, Mimi Taylor; Back: Kim Reisch, Milton Taylor -- Geneva NY USA 2016-11-15  Bruce Reisch and Sylvie Reischer Gesll - Burdeaux France
2016-11-17-Düsseldorf, Germany-Daniel Katz, Edgar Hauster, Martina Lelgemann, Erika Katz (the Katzes live in Israel).  Daniel is "Ambassador for Romania, the Ukraine and Republic of Moldova World Organization of Bukovinian Jews".