Ehpes - Photograph Collections

Pre-1946 Photographs
Original Photograph Collection posted in 2003
An Album of pre-1946 Czernowitz/Bukovina photos from various List Members
1930 Photographs from David Glynn
1920's Czernowitz group school photos contributed by Lilian Madfes
1920-30's Czernowitz group school photos from Hedwig Brenner
1930's Czernowitz school and family photos from Lucca Ginsburg
1920'1940's A second set of photos from Lucca Ginsburg
1890's-1920's Documents and family photos from Dick Conoboy
1915-1937 A collection of photos from Mimi Taylor
1902-1945 family and group photos from Cornel Fleming: Vol.1Vol.2Vol.3
1917-1930 photos from Marc Goldberger
1930's Family & Czernowitz School photographs from Gadi Rennert
1930's + Miriam Lava's family photographs
1926 school photo from Simon Kreindler
1920's-30's Czernowitz family photos from Carmit Brull-Sotil
1935-43 family photos from Ruth Schaerf Sharvit  &  Vol.2  - 1900's-40's
1930's album of Czernowitz photos from Joseph Skilnik
Family photos from Yehudith Yerushalmi-Terris
Two 1915 photos of Czernowitz Infantry Regiment 15 from Hanalore Condiescu - photo1photo2
Ilana Gordon's Czernowitz 'Family and Friends' album
An album of pre-1945 River Pruth (Prut) related photos
The Memorial album remembering those murdered in Czernowitz July 6th - July 8th 1941
Photos from the Mayer Ebner memorial album 1890's on
Early 20th century photos from Claire Blond-Morgan by way of Arthur Ridner
Czernowitz Family Photos from Henry Rendall 1905-1949
From Berti Glaubach, an album of Emuna Student Association photos
Photographs of the Temple at Czernowitz
Czernowitz 'Past-Present' album of photos and cards courtesy of Edward Turkiewitch

Post-1945 Photographs
Original Photograph Collection posted in 2003
Post 1945 Bukovina/Czernowitz photos contributed by various List Members
2004 Czernowitz trip photos from Mimi Taylor
Story and photographs from Arthur Rinder's Czernowitz visit
Three albums of 2003 Czernowitz photos from Alexandru Badinici : Vol.1Vol.2Vol.3
2006 Czernowitz Reunion Photos.  Albums by:  Arthur Ridner Hardy Breier;   Rita & Gidi ShiloWofgang Schaechter;  and David Glynn
An album of Czernowitz Ghetto photos from Hardy Breier
The Streets of Czernowitz - photos by Edward Tur:  Vol.1Vol.2
2008 - 600 year Chernivtsi anniversary renovation and restorations - photos and text by Mimi Taylor
An album of  Oct. 2008 - 600th Chernivtsi  Anniversary Photographs
2008 Czernowitz Photos from Zev Cohen
2009 Czernowitz Trip Photos from Pessach (Paul) Heger
Cornel Fleming's May 2011 trip to Czernowitz
Cemeteries, Monuments & Towns - Photo Albums from Bukovina, Galicia and Romania
Photographs Of List Members Album
Bukoviner Get-togethers Album  V.1   V.2   - photos (two volumes) taken at various Bukovina events
Christain Herrmann's Vanished World Photos (2013 Galicia/Bukovina Trip)
Chernovtsy -- Soviet Times