The Traian Popovici Memorial Pages

Dr. Traian Popovici
Lawyer, deputy (memberof parliament)

fomer Mayor of Czernowitz talented
1892 - 1946
In the fall of year 1941, was the Mayor of the city. He confronted the Hitlerist Storm by saving the lives of 25,000 Czernowitz Jews from being deported to Transnistria. 
For this reason of rare civic courage and for his unusual humaneness,  the State of Israel, in the year 1969, honored his memory  by enshrining his name among the greatest benefactors for the Jewish people.
          [translation by Baruch Cohen, Montreal, Canada]

A short biography of Traian Popovici  []

A short history of  Transnistria and the Romanian Holocuast  []

A map of Transnistria with historical boundaries [ushmm]

An English translation of Popovici's testimony (declaration) on the events of the deportation of the Jews of Czernowitz during WWII. []

A small album of photographs taken in Transnistria  [from list members various]

Photographs of Czernowitz Jews returning from Transnistria (1944)  [Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina]

Photograph of the ordering of the Czernowitz ghetto 'Ordonanta-38' of Oct.11th 1941 [courtesy of m.goldberger]

Photograph of an actual Popovici authorization  [courtesy of mimi.taylor]

Another Popovici Authorization [Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina]

A biography of Traian Popovici  [written by Florentin Lehaci]

Photographs from Florintin Lehaci - 2007 day of teaching about the Holocaust and Traian Popovici in Fundu Moldovei.

2008 Photographs depicting a festive event organized by Florintin Lehaci at Popovici's tomb in Fundu Moldovei.  Florintin says: "Traian  Popovici's desire was to be buried at shade of sycamore maple. As you will see the attachment,  members of 'Traian Popovici Association', some parents, pupils and the local authorities participated at this event. I want to carry out Traian Popovici's wish. Even if it coming late! Also, the film of this manifestation will be used by local T.V. A few children were recited some poems written by Traian Popovici and there was made a few speeches."

The wording on the  Plaque honouring Traian Popovici, soon to be placed at his former residence in Czernowitz   [the hard work of mimi taylor]

More work from Mimi Taylor: maps and photos locating the residence of Traian Popovici. This is where the plaque will be located.

Artist Anatoly Piantkovski's Proposal for the Plaque

Download Hardy Breier's two slide shows: Placing the Plate and Moving the Plate. You will need a PowerPoint viewer to play these. Definitely worth the effort.

Cyber-Memorials in honour of Traian Popovici  - [contributed by various artists]

Unveiling the Plaque - 20 April 2009 in Czernowitz. Story and photos.

Photo of the portrait of Traian Popovici taken 30 January 2012 at the Rathaus in Czernowitz. This portrait is hanging with all the other portraits of the mayors of Czernowitz.  Photo courtesy of Charles Rosner.

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