Essential Messages for Czernowitz

Reuinion Particpants

These messages have been selected by Mimi Taylor from the posts on
the Yahoo Czernowitz2006 group site.

Message 86:
From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Tue Nov 15, 2005  8:36 am
Subject: Hotel Cheremosh

Dear Czernowitzers,

Good news, I have just received a letter from the hotel Cheremosh;

1. They are willing to give us a 15% discount for each room if
    we stay one week.

2. They need to know the exact type of room and their number
    at least 2 weeks prior to the group's arrival.

3) We may book the rooms individually, each one of us mentioning
    that we are part of "Chernowitz Reunion 2006".

4) Payment will be in cash or by bank money transfer. They do
    not accept credit or debit cards.

I still have not had a reply to my letters to the hotel Bukovyna.
I am trying to get a Ukrainian speaking acquaintance to phone them
on my behalf.

If any of you speak Ukrainian or Russian, would you try and phone
them as well?

All the best,

Message 104:
From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Mon Nov 21, 2005  8:09 am
Subject: Hotels in Chernivtsi.

Dear Czernowitzers,

In regard to the recent discussion about hotels in Chernivtsi:
There are only two large hotels in Chernivtsi; the Cheremosh on the
outskirts of town and the Bukovyna, about one and a half km from the
Ringplatz. There are a number of small hotels closer to the center of
the city. The committee to organize the reunion was charged to make
arrangements for obtaining a discount at either or both of the large hotels.
I have managed to obtain a discount of 15% at the Cheremosh for any of our
members who will stay there for 7 nights. Despite writing and phoning the
Bukovyna, I have had no success in getting a reply from them. Felix
Zuckermann, who lives in Chernivtsi and whom I have consulted about the
hotels, recently wrote me that the Bukovyna has recently had some or all the
rooms renovated. Many of the subscribers to this group, have told you of
their experiences with one or the other of the two hotels. Nina Kern has
stayed at the Bukovyna this last summer, I stayed at the Cheremosh in June
of 2004.

If any of you can obtain a direct letter from the Bukovyna or from any of
the small hotels, please send the information to all of us and each one of
us will make our decisions. In the meantime, for lack of any other
information, discussions, lectures and talks will be held at the Cheremosh.
I will not book rooms for anyone wishing to stay at the Cheremosh or at any
other hotel. This will be left for everyone to do individually, on their
own, through a travel agent or by any other means.

Best regards to all,


Message 121:
From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Wed Nov 30, 2005  8:38 am
Subject: FW: Reunion 2006

------ Forwarded Message
From: "Igor" <>
Organization: Tourist Complex "Cheremosh"
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 12:20:55 +0200
To: <>
Subject: Reunion 2006

Dear Miriam,
thank you for your letter.
For your information we are sending the hotel rates including 15 % discount
for double and single roooms and 10 % discount for de-lux rooms:
Sgl room ( 5-th floor, renovated ): $ 35 + $ 4 breakfast = $ 39 ( it is
possible to accommodate a couple, the room has a wide bed, then it costs $
60 including breakfast ).
Sgl room ( the 11-th floor ): $ 28 + $ 4 = $ 32
Dbl room ( the 4-th floor ): $ 50 + $ 8 = $ 58
Dinner is $ 9, supper $ 8.
Transportation rates from Suceava to Chernowitz and back:
minibus ( 1 - 7 persons ) $ 280
minibus ( 12-18 persons ) $ 578
bus ( 40-45 persons ) $ 1238

Our conference room consists of 200 seats, costs $ 40 per hour. You can use
restaurant rooms for the meetings too, European room costs $ 24 per hour (
300 seats ). Bucovinian room ( 50 seats ) costs $ 12 per hour.

Transport firm in Suceava which gave the above rates: " Bucovina Trip Travel
Tour " Director: Traciu Sebastian Giji
Mob. phone: (40)722 601 031

While addressing them pls indicate" Chernowitz Reunion 2006 ".

Best regards,
awaiting your confirmation

Galina Krivobokova, general manager

13-a, Komarova Str.,Chernivtsi,
58017, Ukraine
tel.: (38-03722) 47-555, 48-573, 47-521
fax: (38-0372) 585-588, 584-446

------ End of Forwarded Message

Message 127:
From: Yosef Eshet <>
Date: Mon Dec 5, 2005  2:31 am
Subject: czernowitz-transnistria

 Dear Friends
    My name is Yossef Eshet (Jerry Wolf).  Considering the fact that maybe some
of you would like to visit locations in Transnistria I would like to share with
you my  experience there. To give you some Geographical background -
Transnistria is that part of the Podolian plain in Ukraine that is bordered on
the west by the river Dnistr, and on the east  by the river "Southern Buhg", on
an area of approximately 1200 square kilometers. The distance of the deportation
or annihilation (mass graves) sites from Chernivtsi vary from 170 to 430
kilometers. The sites I wanted to visit were - Carera de Piatra (Stone Quary),
Chertvertinovka, Kirnasovka, Bilina, and Tulchin. None of them less than 350
kilometers  from Chernivtsi - which meant that a trip to those places from
Chernivtsi was unpractical. Therefore I "joined forces" with two of my friends
who wanted to visit more or less the same region, and we succeeded in
establishing a contact with a Jewish family from Vinitsa (the main city in
  that region) who owned a small transportation business. We arranged with them
to pick us up at the Kiyv airport (departed some 270 kilometers from Vinitsa).
As our "El-AL" flight from Israel was scheduled at 2200 hours, we had to spend
the night there, and in the morning, after a visit to the "Baby-Yar" memorial,
we traveled to Vinitsa. In Vinitsa at the next morning our group parted. I went
in one car with one of the brothers as driver and guide, and my friends went in
another car to find the places we were looking for. Anyway, my driver and I
succeeded in reaching all the above mentioned sites, and I must say that
although almost 60 years have passed since I was there,  - at every site I
located spots that I could really identify. This trip lasted one whole day, and
the experience wasn't an easy one, to say the least. Next day we made the 370
kilometer trip to Chernivtsi were I have reserved a room and a guide at the
Cheremosh Hotel, but that's another story. Anybody interested in
  more specific information can write to my, or
call me on the following Israeli numbers:
   Regular Phone: 09 7423533
    Mobile Phone: 054 5515511

   Best Regards   Yosef Eshet

Message 134:
From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Mon Dec 12, 2005  6:26 am
Subject: FW: Reunion 2006

------ Forwarded Message
From: "Igor" <>
Organization: Tourist Complex "Cheremosh"
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 09:10:33 +0200
To: <>
Subject: Reunion 2006

Dear Mrs. Taylor,

thank you for your letter.

We are sending information about the conference-room:
1. We do not have the equipment you asking about, sorry.
2. We can offer you a personal computer and a screen 1,8 sq.m.
3. we do not have the projector " Power Point " and we can not find it.

We ask you very much to send us the exact number of rooms and participants 1
month prior to their arrival.
Do you mean 60 rooms or 60 persons ?

For your information rooms on the 5-th floor, the refurbiished ones, have
one wide bed, so they can be used as a single room or a room for a couple.

Awaiting your reply we remain truly yours,

Galina Krivobokova, general manager

13-a, Komarova Str.,Chernivtsi,
58017, Ukraine
tel.: (38-03722) 47-555, 48-573, 47-521
fax: (38-0372) 585-588, 584-446

------ End of Forwarded Message

Message 169:
From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Tue Jan 10, 2006  4:08 am
Subject: Schedule/time-table for the reunion

Dear Czernowitzers,

After consulting with the members of the committee, and in accordance
with our initial decisions about the program for the reunion, I would like
to suggest the following schedule for the Czernowitz Reunion 2006:

  Thursday May 18:  Arrival and registration.
                    20:00 social get-together, possibly a joint light dinner
                    at the hotel Cheremosh.
  Friday May 19:    9:00 - 12:30 group walk of the center of Czernowitz
                    16:00 - 18:30 talk/discussion
                    19:00 Friday evening prayers at local synagogue
  Saturday May 20:  9:00 - 12:30 individual walks to specific areas of town
                    16:00 - 18:30 talk/discussion
                    20:30 - cake coffee or tea with local Jewish residents
  Sunday May 21:    9:30 memorial service at Jewish cemetery
                    16:00 - 18:30 talk/discussion
                    20:30 - cake and coffee to which we might invite the
                    mayor if many of us feel this to be desirable.
  Monday May 22:    Free morning, individual visits to archives, cemetery, or
                    day trips.
                    16:00/18:30 talk/discussion
                    Free evening, possibly a music and or dance performance
                    at the theatre.
                    Tuesday May 23:   Free day, trip to Transnistria for
                    some, day trips, visits to cemetery, archives, etc. for
                    Free evening
  Wednesday May 24: Free morning, individual day trips, visits to archives,
                    cemetery or specific areas of town.
                    16:00 - 18:30 talk/discussion
                    20:30 after dinner farewell party and discussion.
  Thursday May 25:  Departure

  All outdoor activities are of course dependent upon suitable weather. The
  schedule allows for a number of free mornings, these could be utilized for
  activities scheduled for other mornings if those are rained out.

  The exact time of the Friday evening service will be known after consulting
  the rabbi.

  Also, the social get-together planned for the first evening, may have to be
  rescheduled if many of us arrive in Chernivtsi too late that evening.

  I hope that this schedule reflects the wishes of the majority and allows
  enough time for everyone to pursue individual plans.

  All the best,

Message 194:
From: Simon Kreindler <>
Date: Sat Jan 21, 2006  2:18 pm
Subject: Reunion video

Dear Czernowitzers:

As you may recall, some months back there was some discussion about my
suggestion that we try to make a video of the Reunion. Unfortunately,
those who had the expertise were not going to be making the trip or
didn't believe it could be done adequately without an elaborate setup,
etc. Mimi approached one of her contacts when she was in Israel but the
individual was not available.

In an e mail to the Group on January 18, one of our new members Cora
Schwartz, offered to make a video of the Reunion. I contacted her
privately and said:

"Personally, I feel this event is quite unique and it would be a great
pity not to document the events of May 18-25.  I see it as important not
just for those who may want a memento of the trip but for our children
and grandchilren who cannot participate and for the broader Jewish
community in our home towns all over the world so that they can learn
more about this special place."

Cora responded:
"I am appreciative that you see the importance of this event with regard
to documenting this reunion.  I have always been interested in the
concept of "Coming Home Again" as I hope you read in my original email
to the group.  Yes, it would be a pity to let this opportunity go; in my
mind, we would be "memorializing" the reunion for the grandchildren more
than anything.  I know that no matter how "crazy" my grandchildren are
with their computers and sports, and girlfriends, when Rudy started to
talk about his childhood and his home in Czernowitz, the grandchildren
froze. I am adding the next paragraph which I just pasted from an email
I sent a friend in Poland.  It will save time to add it here:

  I am personally interested int he concept of 'Coming Home' so I am
thrilled to be able to be with them.  No matter how successful and
comfortable Rudy was in New York, he lived for the next trip to
Czernowitz (I spell it this way because this is the way the group is
spelling it) So anyhow, he lived for the next trip and when it was over,
as soon as we touched the ground, he started planning the next trip.  I
work with many immigrants here in New York, and although they are
grateful and doing well here, they also work and strive toward their
next trip home.  We all know the important concept of home but I am
thinking that this group in particular will offer a new slant on the
topic.  I am presenting to them the possibility of "memorializing" their
trip for their children and grandchildren.....

.....I envision interview, recording comments along the trip, and
ofcourse the video/stills as well.  I have a fine editor here in New
York so my technique is to shoot like crazy and edit when I get home.
You can always take out but not always put in.
I am presently taking a course on Documentary Photography to fine tune
my skills. Interestingly enough the course ends the week before the
reunion!  I just want to note here that the costs involved in this
project will be completely covered by me, as I am using this opportunity
to honor Rudy's life, and love for Czernowitz.  Please feel free to
share part or all of this email with the group."

I replied:

"As far as the video is concerned, I appreciate your wanting to make it
to "honor Rudy's life" but hope you will be open to feedback from the
Reunion group. Obviously, you will need the permission of those
participants you want to film and/or interview and it will be important
to take the views and ideas of the rest of the Group into account if the
undertaking is to be successful.

Once I post your message to the Group, I suspect we will get some feedback."

Looking forward to your feedback.



Message 208:
Date: Sun Jan 22, 2006  5:14 pm
Subject: Changing money at the hotel

Yes, you can change money at the hotel...they have a separate department
though it is not always open.  You need to plan ahead.

Message 217:
From: "Abraham Kogan" <>
Date: Wed Jan 25, 2006  8:26 am
Subject: ATM Machines in Chernivtsi

Dear fellow Czernowitzers,
For those of you who are still not sure whether there are ATMs in Czernowitz:

Go to:\

and also to:\

If you still have some problems please let me know.

Regards,  Abraham Kogan

Message 222:
From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Thu Jan 26, 2006  2:13 pm
Subject: Lookups in the Czernowitz burial registers

Dear Reunion participants:

For the last few years (yes, years!) I've been involved in an effort
to computerize a burial register (now completed through 1948) for the
Jewish cemetery in Czernowitz.  I also have electronic photos of all
the tombstones that remain in the Czernowitz cemetery - the one on
Zelena Street.  The final goal of the project is to post to the
JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry a complete set of these
tombstone photos with an index to all those that are still legible.
The project was initiated by the Jewish Genealogical Society of
Ottawa and is more completely described on the Cemetery Project
section of the Czernowitz-L web site:

To those of you who are hoping to visit the final resting place of
your ancestors and relatives, I would like to make the following
offer.  Since the index to the burial register, and the index to the
tombstone photographs, will NOT be online prior to your trip, I'm
willing to provide you with a spreadsheet of information on burial
locations derived from the register.  I only ask that you send me
your family surnames of interest and I will reply as my time permits
and in the order in which your requests are received.

Also, to aid you to find particular stones of importance, I am also
willing to attempt to find just a few images of tombstones for you.
To do so, I take the old "Parcel" locations, translate them into the
Russian era "Area" locations, and look through the image files that
are organized into folders based on the Area system.  I've had good
luck doing so, but I've also had some failures.  Once you receive
your spreadsheet, let me know which individuals you seek, and include
the parcel/plot locations in an email to me.

I am making this offer now so I have a chance to respond to what
might be a deluge of requests before each of you leaves for

Have a terrific reunion - wish I could be there with you.

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, New York

Message 223:
From: Simon Kreindler <>
Date: Fri Jan 27, 2006  11:55 am
Subject: Cz Reunion, taking photos and making videos

Dear Czernowitzers:

I think it is important that we \ufffftalk\uffff about the matter of taking photos and/or
making videos during the Reunion. As a way of starting this off, I would like to
share some thoughts and make some suggestions. I hope these will generate
further discussion and look forward to hearing your views.

Please post responses to the Yahoo group.

Given that visiting Czernowitz will undoubtedly be an emotional experience for
many, I think it is important that those of us wanting to film or take pictures,be
particularly sensitive at those times when other group members may be
particularly vulnerable (eg. during the visit to the Cz cemetery, while in the
area of the former ghetto and in Transnistria).

Hopefully, we can arrange for a sign-up sheet at the Chernomosh for those who do
not wish to be photographed.

During the talks/discussions, although some of us may want to photograph or film
speakers, this should be done as unobtrusively as possible so that it distracts
neither the one presenting nor the audience.

Should we agree on some guidelines regarding this matter? Eg. that there be no
video lights or photo flashes once the speaker starts to talk?

Can we also agree that since some shtetl visits etc. (during which, one of us
locates a former family home or  the remains of a family grave) may have the
potential for creating great sadness, those photographing or videoing try to
give priority to  the individual\uffffs need for privacy.

Best regards,


Message 226:
From: "mrgltshl" <>
Date: Sat Jan 28, 2006  4:22 am
Subject: cz reunion taking photos

dear czernovitzer,

as i worte before, we are intending to take photos and vidiotape the
i agree very much with simon's mail and mimi's comments to it.

there is another partto it. people who wish to be photographed, have
to take into accout that, as we will be amoutionally involved in all
that will be going on there, we might miss some of the members, who
wish to be photographed. so, i suggest as a good practice, that people
who will be interested ,will feel free to come and ask us to do so, at
certain occations, without being afraid of bothering us.

best regards,

rita margalit-shilo

Message 261:
From: "jerome" <>
Date: Mon Feb 13, 2006  8:02 pm
Subject: Mimi's map is on the website....

You can download the map in jpg (photograph) format at:

Message 272:
From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Tue Feb 21, 2006  1:24 pm
Subject: Our addresses in Cz.

Dear Czernowitzers,

Some of you have  suggested that we note the addresses of the houses
at which either we or our families lived in Czernowitz on a large map,
which we will take with us to Chernivtsi.

Berti Glaubach <> is willing to prepare this map.
Please send him the necessary information in this format:

On the subject line of your Email write: "Cz. Address"
Then fill out this form to the extend of your knowledge:

Your name ____________________

Address (a):

            1. Street name in Romanian ___________________
            2. House number___________________
            3. Approximate location on the 1941 map___  (such as Eg)
            4. Street name of the same address in German_________________
            5. Street name of the same address in Ukrainian or Russian______

Address (b):

            1. Street name in Romanian ___________________
            2. House number___________________
            3. Approximate location on the 1941 map___  (such as Eg)
            4. Street name of the same address in German_________________
            5. Street name of the same address in Ukrainian or Russian______

Address (c):

            1. Street name in Romanian ___________________
            2. House number___________________
            3. Approximate location on the 1941 map___  (such as Eg)
            4. Street name of the same address in German_________________
            5. Street name of the same address in Ukrainian or Russian______

Please send this information to Berti before March 20.

Best regards,


Message 314:
From: Renee Steinig <>
Date: Mon Feb 27, 2006  9:40 am
Subject: visa requirements

In case anyone is wondering, as I was earlier today,
about Ukrainian visa requirements, see...

According to this page, visas are not required for
citizens of the U.S., Canada, the European Union,
Switzerland, and some other countries, for visits
to Ukraine of 90 days or less.

Information at this older website

is out of date.


Renee Steinig
Dix Hills (Long Island), New York, USA

Message 451:
From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Tue Mar 14, 2006  5:34 am
Subject: Old "Parcel" numbers vs. the New "Areas"

Dear Friends:

As you prepare to visit Czernowitz, and to find the final resting
place of departed friends and relatives, you will need to have a good
map of the cemetery showing the correspondence between the pre WWII
Parcel numbering system and the post-WWII Area numbering system.  If
you're up to date on the JGS Ottawa sponsored project to create an
electronic burial registry for the Czernowitz Cemetery, and to index
digital images of every tombstone, you'll know that we have access to
a fairly complete burial register from the 1800s through 1948.  But
the locations given are according to the pre WWII Parcel system.

Working with the tombstone images (which are grouped in folders
according to the Area system) in conjunction with the electronic
burial register, I've created over time a map of how the Areas
correspond to the old Parcels.  For many reasons, this map won't be
perfect, but it is reasonably accurate.  I've superimposed the Parcel
numbers in "red" on the recent cemetery plot map provided to the
Czernowitz-L web site by Mimi Taylor. You can view this map as

Go to
On the left side of your web browser, click on "Czernowitz Cemetery Projects"
In the new window on the right, click on "Bruce Reisch's cross reference map".

Parcel numbers for Areas 82, 98, and 99 don't make sense, but I left
them numbered this way since I found tombstone images from the
Parcels shown in the map in each of these three Area folders.  Also,
there are no Parcel numbers provided for Areas 4A through 13 since
most of the burials in these Areas are post-WWII, inscribed in
Russian and Hebrew, and they do not appear in the pre WWII burial
registers that I used to create this map.

So - questions are welcome, and suggestions for improvements to the
map are also most welcome.  Most importantly, if those of you
visiting Czernowitz find a cemetery caretaker or other person with a
better map of the old Parcels vs. new Areas, please find a way to
bring back a copy.

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, New York
Hardy Breier Fan

Message 454:
From: Renee Steinig <>
Date: Tue Mar 14, 2006  10:18 am
Subject: Jewish records at the Chernivtsi archives

According to the database of Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation

the following Jewish records are available at the "State Archive of
Chernovtsy Oblast":

births 1841; 1855-1860; 1860-1930; Sadgura births 1900; 1921-1922

marriages 1841; 1860; 1865; 1872-1873; 1880-1881; 1883-1888; 1890-1891;
    1894-1896; 1898-1900; 1904; 1909-1913; 1922-1923; 1927-1930

deaths 1841; 1848-1871; 1856-1866; 1875-1914; 1916-1925;
    Sadgura deaths 1886-1904

divorces 1859; 1873; 1885; 1913

address books ("Adresa Wohnungsanzeiger") 1924-1925

censuses 1883; 1886; 1888; 1896; 1894-1896

Holocaust records 1941-1943

Jewish hospital records 1841-1944

Kahal (Jewish community) records 1780-1944; 1867-1929;
    Sadgura Kahal 1855-1890

passports 1867-1887

school records 1919-1923

voter lists 1901; 1907; 1908; Sadgura voter lists 1904

These records are at the "Chernovtsy ZAGS Archive" (local civil records

Births, marriages 1926-1929
Sadgura births 1921-1922

I only searched for records for Chernovtsy and Sadgura and don't know if
these records cover people from nearby towns. I suggest you search the
database for towns of interest.

Please note that information has changed since Miriam Weiner's book.
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova, was published in 1999. AT that time the
bulk of the Cz. Jewish records were held by the ZAGS office.


Renee Stern Steinig

Rita Shilo asked...

> i have a lot of things that interest me, i wonder what kind of
> information is available at the archivs?

Message 464:
Date: Wed Mar 15, 2006  12:48 pm
Subject: Hotel Cheremosh

Dear Czernowitzers,

This is the Email address of the hotel Cheremosh:
Her name is Galina KRIVOBOKOVA.

You will have to pay in cash, unless you ask them in advance
and they tell you it is OK to pay by some other method.

There has been correspondence about this before,
also about the availability of ATM machines in Chernivtsi.
Please look at the old messages in the <>.

Best regards,


Message 482:
From: "raananellran" <>
Date: Sun Mar 19, 2006  2:51 pm
Subject: Transportation Leviv-Cz-Leviv

I made the bus reservations today.
I paid 450$ for each way.
I wil collect the money on the way to Cz.
We are 20-30, so each way wil cost 15-23$ per person.
I suggest the members flying in from Warsaw will wait 2 hours for
those coming from Vienna. If they choose not to wait they will have
to use a taxi for no less than 70$ per person.
We shall all leave Cz to Lviv in time to make it for the flight to
Warsaw, meaning that those flying to Vienna will get to the airport
1:35 hours earlier than they would like to.
I will send you more details mid April.
Raanan Ellran

Veronica & Raanan Ellran
9 Ranak St.,
Herzliya 46406
Home phone: ++972 9954 0915
Home Fax: ++972 9954 5744
Veronica Mobil: ++972 52850 6090
Raanan Mobil: ++972 52830 2000
Veronica Email:
Raanan Email:

Message 495:
From: Arthur von Czernowitz <>
Date: Wed Mar 22, 2006  12:13 pm
Subject: Transportation Suceava to Czernowitz

To all Participants travelling through Suceava:

Please advise the date you will require transportation from Suceava to
Czernowitz no later than 31 March.
There is a mini bus departing daily at 0800hrs for Czernowitz  which has
the capacity of approximately 12 seats.

Response has been slow for other requests, therefore if you want to
catch the bus, please respond promptly.

Arthur Rindner

Message 500:
From: Danny and Sharon Alon <>
Date: Thu Mar 23, 2006  11:00 am
Subject: RE: Cz via Kiev

There is a better way to get to Cz via Kiev, but it has to be done on the
Tlv- Kiev 0720-1045
Kiev-Cz 1445-1615
Both flights with Aerosvit for the cost of 537$ only.
We already have the tickets  - bought them together with Mr and Mrs
Yerushalmi. The extra price we have to pay is for another night in Cz.

Danny and David Alon

Message 517:
From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Mon Mar 27, 2006  8:10 am
Subject: Fees for the reunion

Dear Czernowitzers,

Some time ago, I sent the group a message requesting that you all pay the
necessary fees for participating in the reunion. I set a deadline
of April 2nd for doing so. Since then, more people have joined our group
and in view of the fact that some of you are currently not certain of your
participation, I would like to announce that the deadline for paying the
fees has been extended to April 10.
If you can do so sooner it will be greatly appreciated.

A nonrefundable fee of $30 PER PERSON, or an equivalent sum in the specified
currency depending on country of residence is being collected from all
participants in the reunion. This is to pay for the buses which will take us
on our joint tour of the city on Friday, May 19th and to the cemetery on
Sunday May 21st, also to pay for the use of a conference room for the
sessions of talks and lectures.

Very few of you have paid your fees so far.
Those who are collecting the fees have the burden of acknowledging the
receipt of such fees and I will have to print and send each of you the
reunion pass without which you will not be able to take part in the
planned joint bus rides or in the sessions of talks and discussions.

Please be considerate and do not make our job harder.
Send your fees to the designated people for each country
of residence and include the following information in exactly this order,
numbered as below and in separate paragraphs.

1. The name of each person you are paying for
    as you want it to appear on the pass.
    Please write in large BLOCK LETTERS.

2. The postal address to which you want the passes sent.
    Also in Block letters.
    If you are paying for a number of people, indicate whether
    I may send all passes to the same address.

3. Your Email address, so that those receiving the payments,
    may notify you of having received them.

At the same time as sending the payment to the designated recipient,
Please also send me by Email <> part of the same
information as above and in the same format. In the subject line of
your Email write "reunion pass".

Send me:

1. The name of each person you are paying for
    as you want it to appear on the pass.
    Please write in large BLOCK LETTERS.

2. The postal address to which you want the passes sent.
    Also in Block letters.
    If you are paying for a number of people, indicate whether
    I may send all passes to the same address.

Payments are being collected by:

Arthur Rindner <> - for Israeli residents.

David Glynn <> - for residents of the EU.

Mark Heckman <> - for residents of the US.

Simon Kreindler <> - for residents of Canada.

Contact the appropriate person, for information about their address,
the exact sum in the appropriate currency and the method of payment.

The recipients of the fees will acknowledge the receipt of each payment
by Email to the sender. They will notify me of having received the payment.

I expect to mail the reunion passes no later than April 19th

There is no reduction in price for those who may not want to participate
in all the above mentioned activities, nor are the payments refundable
after the date of May 4th.



Best regards,