Stories, Histories & Documents from List Members

1.   Pre-WW2  Czernowitz documents and  WW2 documents, identity cards, lists, and related items with explanations and translations from Miriam (Mimi) Reifer Taylor.

1a.   A Brief  History of Bukovina by Miriam (Mimi) Reifer Taylor

2.   Story submitted by Nicholas Martin, written by his cousin Sali Glaubach Regenstreif, who was three years old when sent to the Czernowitz ghetto.

3.   Ingrid Stamatson's translation from Nach Galizien. Describes travel through Czernowitz during the first decade of the 20th century.

4.   A collection of documents related to Robert Gutherz  from the Romanian period submitted by his daughter,  Mariette Gutherz.

5.   Narrative and pictures about the Yiddish poet and author  Hirshel Bloshtein who lived and worked in Czernowitz from 1932 to 1978 -- submitted by Monte Starr

6.   Practical advice for travellers to Bukovina/Czernowitz from Miriam (Mimi) Reifer Taylor (updated July, 2004).

7.   Lecture given by Florence Heymann in Jerusalem (1994).  The  work is a collection of oral histories and commentary which tries to re-create what life was like for the Jewish community of Czernowitz. Submitted by Mariette Gutherz.

8.   History of the Bucoviner Memorial Monument  Kehal Jeshurin section, Baron de Hirsch Cemeteries,  de la Savane, Montreal, Canada.  Produced by Mrs. S. Honig and Merle Kastner.

9.   Warren Brown's history of his grandfather Max Zuckerman (Brown) from Bukovina/Czernowitz.

10.  Miriam Suss's account of her trip to Czernowitz/Bukovina and the placing of a memorial to the Jews in a mass grave at Bershad.

11.  Thomas Weggemann's report of his May 2004 trip to Siret and Czernowitz.

12.  Melita Fuhrman Vickter's 2002 trip to Czernowitz and Sadgora

13.  Arthur Rindner's Czernowitz related history plus 33 photographs

13a.  Transnistria - 5 Short Stories by Arthur Rindner

14.  Gabriel (Gaby) Rinzler's ghetto ID card from the Romanian period

15.  English Translation  by Mimi Taylor from Hedwig Brenner's Book "Leas Fluch"

16.  Part of Mosche Rosner's Bukovina Memories translated by Miriam Lava

17.  The story of the 'Finaly Affair' as told by Miriam Lava

18.  The story (and picture) of the 'borrowed' Herrengasse Cobblestone by Arthur Rindner

19.   A research paper/essay regarding Mr. Nathan Klipper and his incredible uderground efforts to aid the Jews of Bukovina and those deported to Transnistria during WWII. This document is presented with permission, courtesy of Zeev (Walter) Ellenbogen. The document is in Adobe pdf format.

20.  Jane Rostos' facinating account of  the trip to the Poras Sanatorium in Solka Romania, where the great grandson of the founder would later (much later) be received by the mayor of Solka. Be sure to follow the link in the text of Jane's account!

20a.  Three days in Czernowitz - May 3-5 2006 by Jane Rostos (pdf format)

21.  Dr. Robert Rosner's paper on Scientists and Mathematicians at Czernowitz University during the era of the Habsburg Empire.  Robert Rosner was born in Vienna in 1924 and emigrated to England in 1939. After his return to Austria he studied chemistry at the University of Vienna and worked in industry. Following his retirement he studied political science and the history of science.  This paper is in  PDF format.

22.  This is the story of Militta Seiler, born in Czernowitz in 1929 as told by herself in an inteview for the  Centropa project (Witness to a Jewish Century). Perhaps some of you knew her?  For me, her story paints a most vivid picture of life in Cernauti between the wars; during the war in Transnistria; and back to Romainia.  She recounts briefly going to the 'big Temple' and also going to the Yiddish theatre with her mother to see Sidi Tal.

23.  In summer 2006, Asya Vaisman delivered a paper entitled "Sidi Tal and Yiddish Culture in Czernowitz in the1940s-1980s" at a Moscow conference on Yiddish in the Soviet Union. Asya is a PhD. student in Harvard's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Click HERE to read this most interesting paper.

23a.  A collection of Sidi Thal's Playbills in an album (22 pages sheet music, photos, etc.).

24.  Gerta Wingerd and Audrey Kim provides us with the list of names of the Jews deported from Romania to Transnistria as documented by Yakob Druker, a young accountant who was one of the 27 gravediggers at the time.  Along with the list, known as 'Druker's list', there is commentary wich explains the  list.

25.  In case you've been wondering about the 'Czernowitz District', and what towns comprise it, this abstract of conversations along with a list of the towns in three languages will satisfy.

26. Czernowitzer Gerhard Schreiber's memoirs - A Tale of Survival  (in pdf format - 42 pages).

27. A memorial to Leibu Levin, famous Yiddishist, reciter, interpreter, composer, and singer by his daughter Ruth Levin. If you're interested in Yiddish literature, poetry, and song, this biography is a very interesting read.

28. A children's book "Granny Girl as a Child" about surviving the Holocaust in Transnistria by Susanna Raweh & Dafna Shonwald (in Hebrew and English).

29. A concise biography of the famous Czernowitzer (born in Novoselitsa) Lord Roll of Ipsden -- a very interesting read.

30.  The Mayer Ebner memorial albums - 4 albums + biography 1890's - 1955

31.  2009 Montreal Transnistria Memorial programme and PowerPoint presentaion of the event (from Baruch Cohen by way of Merle Kastenr)

32.  The Biography, Writings, Documents and Photographs of  Herschl Jaslowitz   a.k.a. Dr. Harry Jarvis

33.  Chapter 1 "Childhood" of Prof. Richard M. Weiner's book 'Analogies in Physics and life - a Scientific Autobiography'.  Born in 1930 in Czernowitz, his story brings us back to the events in Cz. since then and until 1945-46 when he left Cz. to Bucharest.

34.  The Russian Occupation of Czernowitz as recalled by Anny Matar.

35. The German Occupation of Czernowitz as recalled by Anny Matar

35a. My arrival in Israel -- memories of my trip by Anny Matar

36.   Dow Friedman's Transnistria story: The Unknown Holocaust

36a. Dow Friedman's Family History

37.   Alfred Schneider's tribute to Joseph Schmidt

37a. Alfred (Fred) Schnieder's letter to his son George about wearing the Yellow Star of David in Czernowitz

38.   From Oded Blaustien -  signatures of many activists from Czernowitz who nominated delegates to the 21st. Zionist congress in 1939.

38a. NARA Index of Gestapo documents (12 MB pdf) pertaining to operations in occupied eastern Europe - by way of Oded Blaustein

38b. Nazi Documents sent by NARA to Oded Blaustein regarding his GF, Kalman Gronich

39.   Eliezer Steinbarg's original (1921) Yiddish Primer "Alef Beys" in five parts. Artwork by Arthur Kolnik, Rubin Zelekowitsch (Reuven Rubin), and Salomon Learner. The original was printed at Buchdrukeray 'Orient' Czernowitz, Nr.5, Schillergasse. Web preperation by Edgar Hauster.  These are large pdf documents and may take a while to load:   Part-1   Part-2   Part-3   Part-4   Part-5 .

40.  Julian Rubin's  August 2010 trip to Czernowitz and Family History

41.  A short biography of Dr. Salomon Kassner - Czernowitz journalist, lawyer, poet and politician by Sidi Kassner

41a. Sidi Kassner's book 'From Czernowitz Deported to Siberia' (Siberian Memories) the complete amazing story with photos.

42.  Survivors of the Viitorul - A list of the survivors of the wreck of the Viitorul in 1942 with background material - Irene Fishler and Oded Blaustien

43.  Ruth Glasberg Gold's story:   How Transnistria was added to the map of concentration camps at the U.S. Holocuast Museum in Washington D.C. (photos and documents).

44.  From Peter Elbau -- A poem from the first Jewish poet in Bukovina, Moritz Amster. This is your chance to test your Gothic script and poetic interpretation skills on this short work.

45.  The Popovici Memorial project.

46.  From Noemi Eshet:  Spreadsheets - 600+ records (xls & html)  keyed to original document photos of 1942 deportees to Transnistria  - List is incomplete. 

46a. Six Romanian era documents from Noemi Eshet concerning textile businesses in Czernowitz.

47.  From Yossi Yagur, an article he wrote for Sharheret Hadorot Vol. 26 No 3, December 2011: "Genealogical Data in the Archives of South Bukovina". The article is used with permission of the Israel Genealogical Society.

48.  Contributions from Natasha Pechenkina: Several important pieces of research by Natasha were lost when I reorganized parts of the website several years ago. These have been re-posted. As well Natasha has recently put together a Czernowitz Street Name Translator of her own. See it all by clicking here

49.  Irene Fishler's account of visiting her great grandfather's grave:  'A Czernowitzer in the Jewish Cemetery in Bern Switzerland'.

50.  A most interesting 1996 account of a 'Cousins Roots Trip' to Czernowitz by Jerry Lapides - this is the presentation that was distributed in booklet form to the participants upon their return.

51. This document  is Chapter 5 of the report of the "INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON THE HOLOCAUST IN ROMANIA", presented to the President of Romania, Ion Iliescu, in 2004. The Commission was chaired by Elie Wiesel. The report in its entirety can be viewed on the website of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum: Here

52.  A manuscript in two parts, 'Childhood Memories' Part !: was written by Dr. Moses Zwecker in 1972, edited by his daughter, Erika Shaffer, and later translated into English by his granddaughter Hava Oren. It describes firsthand Jewish life in Bukovina in the 19th century. A charming narrative that provides a detailed glimpse of what it was like for Jews at the turn of the 20th century in the hamlets of Bukovina.  Part 2: updated, expanded and finished by Moses' granddaughter, Hava. 16 Photos.