Re: Vilyavche (and vicinity)

From: Bernie Levy <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:55:24 -0400

Very interesting !!!! Right on the same area of the map, SE of Wiznitz, are
Berhomete and Mihowa which are my primary towns of research of my maternal
ancestry -- surnames KAUDERER, BURG, ALTMAN, among some others.

I also found Vilyavche using JewishGen's Shtetl-Seeker.

In case anyone is interested, I recommend a powerful but free photo program
called Irfanview, which can be downloaded from . With
it I was able to resize and save the Bukovina map and print it all on one page.
I was able to then crop just the northern half -- which is of primary interest
to most of us -- and save it as another jpg file, and print that on one page

Bernie Levy
Stamford, CT, USA

Researching LEVY, POSMONTIER from Biezun (or Bedzin), Poland
Researching KAUDERER, BURG, THAU, ALTMAN from Beregomet, Migovo,
  also possibly Russ Banilov, Zalusce, Sniatyn, Otynya, Dzhuriv (Ukraine)
Researching DREBIN/DREBEN from Taurage & Kretinga, Lith. and Poltava, Ukraine.
Researching ACKERMAN from Kretinga, Lithuania

Bruce Reisch wrote:

> Lois: What sort of information about Vilyavche do you seek? It is
> located between Wiznitz and Waschkoutz on this map:
> (>600kb, long download
> time on modems)
> Good luck,
> Bruce
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