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<x-flowed>Dear Carol:

No one that I know has ever had any luck writing to the archives in
and around Czernowitz.

The Mormons are there right now filming both Jewish and non Jewish
records. They should be available during the course of the next 18

Another possibility is to hire a researcher. I can recommend one to
you who has had limited success on behalf of a group of four of us.
Contact me privately.

Good luck,

>Hello Everyone,
>Although I have been researching my family for 12 years, I have just begun
>to look into my ex-husband's mother's family. Her name was Clara WEISSMAN.
>She was born in Czernowitz in 1908. She was the daughter of Mortiz
>WEISSMAN (1888-1943) and ANNA WAGNER (1888-1958). Anna was the 11th of 12
>children and was orphaned young. Clara had a younger sister known as
>"Tootsie" (Antonia).
>The family moved to Vienna about 1914 and later to Bucharest. Mortiz had
>two brothers: Herman and Solomon. Herman's 2nd wife was Tina and they had a
>daughter, Katie who died in the concentration camp at the age of 12. One
>of Solomon's wives was Greta and their son was Freddy. Solomon was in the
>candy business in Vienna. Mortiz had a restaurant in Bucharest.
>Has anyone had any luck writing to the archives for vital records in the
>1860-1920 time period?
>I hope someone has a connection to these WEISSMAN and WAGNER families.
>Carol Baker
>Wellesley, MA

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