(czern-list) Connection between Litin, Ukraine, and the Sadagora and Squarer Hassidic Courts

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Connection between Litin Ukraine and the Sadagora and Squarer Hassidic

In stories published about Litin Ukraine the Sadagora and Squaerer
Hassidic courts are mentioned. People would come back from the courts
with new melodies and new explanations. I have been told that the
Court was of possibly one of the grandsons or sons of the founding Rabbi
of the Sadagora Court.

If any of you know anything about the influence or connection of
these courts with this area of Podolia, I would appreciate hearing
about it. My great grandfather was a shochet in Litin who could
ordain other shochets.

Does this in anyway connect to the courts?

Thanking you in advance
Rose Feldman

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