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<x-flowed iso-8859-1>Especially for our new subscribers, here's a brief <?> rundown on the
exciting things happening in Czernowitz history and genealogy.

1. Isak Shteyn plans to continue his posts on Czernowitz history.
(Isak and his wife Roza are natives of Storozhynets, and lived in
Czernowitz until about 13 years ago.)

2. Two speakers at the upcoming Jewish Genealogy conference in
Toronto (Aug. 3-9) will be covering topics related to Bukowina. One
speaker will be talking about a recent effort to digitally photograph
tombstones in the Jewish Cemetery in Czernowitz.

3. The Mormons are presently microfilming Jewish and non Jewish
vital records at the Chernivtsi Oblast Archives. These will become
available over the course of the next 18 months or so, via Latter Day
Saints Family History Libraries.

4. There are a number of Bukowina and Czernowitz links on the
Radauti and Sadagora pages listed below. Some are links to databases.

5. One of our members just returned about 2 weeks ago from
Czernowitz, Mogilev, and other nearby points - she is writing a trip
report to be posted on the web.

6. Two holocaust era databases are being prepared for posting on
JewishGen. One is based on a 1940s Mogilev, Transnistria, cemetery
map (the Druker's list; see me for lookups). The other is a list of
Jews in various towns in Transnistria during WWII. The former
project is complete and undergoing review by Yad Vashem before
posting. The latter project is in its early stages.

7. Four of us have utilized a Chernivtsi-based, email-capable
researcher for genealogical research in the archives. The project
has been successful, but not without a few bumps. The Mormon
microfilming project might make his services obsolete, except for
other records, such as city directories from the early 1900s, and a
partial cemetery index in City Hall, that are likely not being

8. The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in
Jerusalem recently acquired microfilmed records from the Jewish
Kehillah (community organization) of Czernowitz. I don't have a
precise description of the contents of these records.

-There is a great deal more that can be done! There are microfilms
full of information at Yad Vashem (see

-Is there anyone who could scan and post the many pictures from
Gold's History of the Jews in the Bukowina? Many translations from
this excellent work are already online - many are yet to be done

-There is a Bukowina landsmannschaft in Israel - they present the
opportunity to connect with their membership and tap their collective
wisdom. But is there someone who could pursue contacts with this
group <http://www.bukovinajewsworldunion.org/>?

-There is a Sadagora Yizkor book from the 1950s. It would be great
to see this translated into English; it was written in German and I
have a copy. (Jüdische Vatikan in Sadagora, 1850-1950, Mordechai
Rubinstein, 1954: In German. A collection of anecdotes, skits, and
poetry. Some historical sketches are interspersed throughout the

-The Ellis Island Database has well over 3000 listings for passengers
arriving from Czernowitz. Has anyone compiled these yet into an
Excel spreadsheet? Perusing such a listing might help us locate
ancestors whose names are mis-spelled or mis-transcribed in the

Finally - I appreciate everyone's very kind words! I'm looking
forward to meeting you here, and when possible, in person, too. We
moved to this Cornell University based listserv service only about a
week ago. Membership grew from ca. 25 to 60 subscribers following my
announcement earlier this week in three JewishGen based discussion
groups. There are going to be some adjustments and growing pains as
we learn about the system and how to gain the most from it. I'll be
looking into your questions and suggestions for improvement with list
co-owner Carl Ulrich of British Columbia. We'll do our best; I just
ask for your patience.

Forgive me for this long post.

Shabbat Shalom,
Bruce Reisch
Geneva, New York

RADAUTZ: http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/radauti/radautz.html
SADGURA: http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/sadgura/sadgura.html
Researching: REISCH, SCHECHTER, FEUERSTEIN - Sadgura, Bukowina, Ukraine
Solca, Bukowina, Romania
WEISSMAN - Brody, Galicia, Ukraine SCHACHTER, HELLMANN - Okup, Ukraine

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