Re: Czernowitz group - Technical updates

From: jerome schatten <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 16:29:29 -0700

Bernie Levy wrote:
> John, Larry, Jerome, et al,
> I am one of the people who suggested to Bruce that the default reply-to be
> changed, i.e. to remove the default reply-to going to the group.

Bernie... with all do respect, to you and JewishGen,
I find 'consistency' with JGEN not to be a particularly
compelling argument. Indeed, I find the moderator's
stamp of 'please respond privately' to be a bit
off-putting if not less than helpful.

I read (or at least scan) every post in that group as I do
this one, just hoping for snippets of information, a name,
a location, even though the 'subject' of the post may not
be of interest to me.

Many times I wished that I could read the reply of a post
singled out for the dreaded 'please respond privately'.
That's not to say there are not occasions that call for
a private reply -- of course there are.

As John points out, however, the primary purpose of this list
is to serve up information to all list members. Why have the
defaults set otherwise?

The present set-up requires me to hit 'reply all'; delete the
individual sender; and change the 'CC' field to a 'To' field.
Easier to hit 'reply' methinks.

Best regards,

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