Dinner get together at IAJGS Conference

From: Bruce Reisch <bir1_at_nysaes.cornell.edu>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 09:09:03 -0400
To: czernowitz-L_at_cornell.edu
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<x-flowed>For those of us planning to attend the International Association of
Jewish Genealogical Societies Conference in Toronto this summer, I
hope we can meet for dinner. It's been suggested that we meet either
Tuesday or Wednesday evening (August 6 or 7), when Jewish movies are
about the only thing on the schedule.

Let's first get a firm count of attendees from our group and then we
can decide on a location.

So far, I have the following list of attendees:

Bruce Reisch (New York)
Simon Kreindler (Toronto)
Cliff Rees (New Mexico)
Albert Brookenthal (Ohio)
Merle Kastner (Montreal)
Ignacio Sternberg (Caracas)
Elaine Kaplan (Florida)

1. Please let me know if you will be in Toronto, but your name
doesn't appear above.

2. If you will be there, do you have a conflict with either Tuesday
or Wednesday eve?

3. Please reply privately ;-)

Many thanks,

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