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<x-charset ISO-8859-1>Hello everyone.

This is my first posting to this list, but I have been lurking around for a
while! I'm Jeanette ROSENBERG and I live in London UK. I'd be happy to
hear from anyone who would like to share information with me.

At the moment I'm waiting for some more information from my second cousin
once removed, Aharon TRESSER of Tel Aviv, who recently visited Czernowitz,
however, I'm open to ideas and suggestions of any ways that I might be able
to progress my family research in any other way.

My paternal grandfather Markus ROSENBERG was born in House # 73 in
Kalichanka near Czernowitz in 1883. His first occupation in 1906 was as a
coal miner, and shortly thereafter he became a Merchant and travelling
salesman. This eventually took him to Germany where he later lived, met
and married my Grandmother, but not before WWI service in the
Austro-Hungarian Army in Lemburg, from 1915-1918.

Markus was one of a family of eight children from which some of the
children died young. Others ended up in Israel, some, in the case of his
sister Fanny, via deportation to Transnistria, where she lost her husband
and children to the terrible conditions. Other siblings, got there via
Bucharest (Leon) and via Germany (Maier Adolf, known later as Avram and
Moritz, known later as Moshe). We are in good contact with the descendants
of this part of our family.

Markus's parents were Jutte or Jette ROSENBERG and Jona Mechel MEERFELD.
They only had a religious marriage, which was apparrently not recognised by
the State, so all the children had the last name ROSENBERG and not MEERFELD
! Jutte/Jette was born in Coronwic or Corowia near Czernowicz in 1863 and
died in Czernowitz in1937, this is all I know about her. Jona Mechel (born
1860) had 3 other known siblings, two brothers called Chaim and Jakov and a
sister called Elli. Chaim also married one of his ROSENBERG cousins, so
everyone in that part of the family is doubly related!

Jona Mechel's parents were Israel MEERFELD (born 1820 in Kosov near
Czernovitz) married to Scheindel Rifka ROSENBERG (born 1825 in Berhomed
near Wisihuiz near Czernovitz).

I hope that some of this information or the names of some of the places
mentioned might be familiar to someone on the list.

Jeanette Rosenberg
London UK

Researching ROSENBERG MEERFELD TRESSER all of the Czernowitz area.

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