Memorial in Bershad

From: Miriam Suss <>
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 20:29:04 +1000
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<SPAN class=552075508-11082002>I am wondering whether any subscribers to
this list are interested in the erection of a plaque or other memorial to honour
the several thousand Jewish victims of the Nazis who are buried in the Jewish
cemetery of Bershad?</SPAN>
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<SPAN class=552075508-11082002>Right now the communal grave is unmarked,
just a mound of grass. Nowhere is there any mention of the Holocaust, or the
tragedy of Transnistria. My family wishes to acknowledge our grandparents and
aunt who were deported to there from Czernovitz in late 1941, and died of
<SPAN class=552075508-11082002></SPAN>
<SPAN class=552075508-11082002>Is there any interest out
<SPAN class=552075508-11082002></SPAN>
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<FONT face="Comic Sans MS"><FONT color=#008080>Miriam Suss<SPAN
class=552075508-11082002>Melbourne, Australia</SPAN></FONT></FONT>
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