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<x-flowed>Dear Friends:

Yesterday, I wrote:

<< * Extra copies of the book by Josef Rudel (editor of Die Stimme) are
  still available. Title of book is "Von Czernowitz bis Tel Aviv gab's
  immer was zum Lachen". In German; there is also a Romanian language
  version. Approx. translation: "From Czernowitz to Tel Aviv, always
  for some laughter" (or "always giving something to laugh about?"
  correct me somebody!) Contact the Arnon Str. office. >>

Madelon Fleminger wrote back to help me with the German-English
translation of the title, and I hope she doesn't mind me posting her
note to the group:

It would be more like, "..... there was always something to laugh about", I
could make it shorter: "...always a laugh" but that would trivialize what's
meant as irony. "Laughing (all the way) from Czernowitz to Tel Aviv"?

Thanks for your help, Madelon,


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