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<STRONG><FONT size=2>Hi There!</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT size=2>I cannot believe my ignorance about this
<STRONG><FONT size=2>Anyway here is my interest in
<STRONG><FONT size=2>My maternal gf was born in LUJENI, Austria/Romania ca
1880's. The town is now situated in the Ukraine and is quite near to
Czernowitz. </FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT size=2>In 1998 I visited Czernowitz and spoke with the Rabbi
there for an hour. Hepromised to research vital records on my gf but
I never heard from him.</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT size=2>I also visited Sadagura which is a very intriguing
area and saw the cemetery located in Czernowitz.</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT size=2>There is also a cemetery in Lujeni, but unfortunately
my photos of the tombstones failed to delineate the tombstone
<STRONG><FONT size=2>My visit to the area was less than 8
<STRONG><FONT size=2>This is my dilemma:</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT size=2>Unraveling the true surname for my
<STRONG><FONT size=2>The ship manifest shows him as Isidore
<STRONG><FONT size=2>The passenger certificate identifies him as Surl
<STRONG><FONT size=2>He was naturalized as SamKARPEL alias Surl
<STRONG><FONT size=2>Social Security application indicates his father was
JackKARPEL and his mother FannieGUTHERZ</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT size=2>My gf brought over his two sisters several years later
at two different times. Both sisters arrived under the surname
<STRONG><FONT size=2>Social Security applications for the sisters both
state their father's name was Jack KARPEL.</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT size=2>Old folks in the Ukraine never heard of the
surnameKARPEL but they did of KREMER.</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT size=2>Any suggestions on how to determine the true surname
is greatly appreciated.</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT size=2>Diane</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT color=#800080 size=2>Diane M. Freilich of
<STRONG><FONT size=2>Researching: KARPEL/KRAMER/KREMER, Austria, Romania,
Ukraine, town of Lujeni or Luzon</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT size=2>GUTHERZ, Austria, Romania, Ukraine, town of Lujeni or

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