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Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 17:19:35 -0500
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<x-flowed>Dear Diane:

Welcome to the club! My vote is to go with the name KARPEL. I give
pretty good weight to the evidence of the three social security
applications. I know of cases in my family where individuals I have
documented by birth records and Social Security records arrived at
Ellis Island under different names. For instance, Zirl Bruker, also
known in the USA as Celia Brooker or Celia Brucker, was listed on a
ship manifest as Zvie Bruch! In this case, BRUCH was her mother's
maiden name, but that doesn't help you with KRAMER, since your gf
gives his mother's name as Fannie GUTHERZ.

My opinion is just that; keep gathering more facts, evidence, and see
where it leads you.

By the way, at least one of the list subscribers is from the Gutherz
family; hope she has contacted you by now!

If you have any scans of photos of Czernowitz or Sadagora to share,
let me know and I'll see about posting them to the Sadgura ShtetLinks

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, NY

At 22:15 -0500 11/4/02, Diane Freilich wrote:
>Hi There!
>I cannot believe my ignorance about this group.
>Anyway here is my interest in Czernowitz:
>My maternal gf was born in LUJENI, Austria/Romania ca 1880's. The
>town is now situated in the Ukraine and is quite near to Czernowitz.
>In 1998 I visited Czernowitz and spoke with the Rabbi there for an
>hour. He promised to research vital records on my gf but I never
>heard from him.
>I also visited Sadagura which is a very intriguing area and saw the
>cemetery located in Czernowitz.
>There is also a cemetery in Lujeni, but unfortunately my photos of
>the tombstones failed to delineate the tombstone writings.
>My visit to the area was less than 8 hours.
>This is my dilemma:
>Unraveling the true surname for my gf.
>The ship manifest shows him as Isidore KRAMER
>The passenger certificate identifies him as Surl KRAMER.
>He was naturalized as Sam KARPEL alias Surl KRAMER
>Social Security application indicates his father was Jack KARPEL and
>his mother Fannie GUTHERZ
>My gf brought over his two sisters several years later at two
>different times. Both sisters arrived under the surname KARPEL not
>Social Security applications for the sisters both state their
>father's name was Jack KARPEL.
>Old folks in the Ukraine never heard of the surname KARPEL but they
>did of KREMER.
>Any suggestions on how to determine the true surname is greatly appreciated.
>Diane M. Freilich of Michigan
>Researching: KARPEL/KRAMER/KREMER, Austria, Romania, Ukraine, town
>of Lujeni or Luzon
>GUTHERZ, Austria, Romania, Ukraine, town of Lujeni or Luzon

Researching: REISCH, SCHECHTER, FEUERSTEIN - Sadgura, Bukowina, Ukraine
Solca, Bukowina, Romania
WEISSMAN - Brody, Galicia, Ukraine SCHACHTER, HELLMANN - Okup, Ukraine

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