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From: Michelle <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 17:33:43 +0800
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I promised Ivor Lobel that I would post his message to our group. I haven't
been able to make a connection to my Lobel line with his. Bruce, could you also
tell him how to subscribe to our group. Thanks. His email is:

Michelle Handler

Dear Michelle,

>From the number of times your name crops up on my searches, I guess you must
have found out a bit about the Romanian Lobels.

I'm trying to find out something of my grandfathers family.

He was Chaim LOBEL from Wauschkautz near Chernovitz. (His family came from
there and we believe that is where he was born). He changed his
name to Karl and joined the Austian (?Austro-Hungarian - my history is not that
good) army.

He did not talk about his family to his children at all, so we have no idea of
names etc. The only memory my father has of any connection with the
family is a photo Chaim kept of his father.

Chaim died in Terezin during the second world war.

We do have some info on his wifes family (JACOBY) from Berlin, but absolutely
nothing on his.

I was wondering if you've come across any mention of him anywhere or do you
know anyone who might?

I've only found out some of this, and started looking on the web, so I never
realised there were that many of us about.

Ivor Lobel

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