A northern Bukovina committee formed in Israel

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<>In the January 2003 issue of Die Stimme is an article about the
formation of a northern Bukovina committee. Here is a rough
<><font color="#000000">A North Bukovina Committee Formed

At the general meeting of the Bukovina Jews World Union on 26 November
this year, a committee of the northern Bukoviners was formed that will
begin the task of recording the past, and particularly the events from
the time of the Holocaust, in order to record it for future
generations. The Committee will be concerned with the
publication of a book of local history and geography, which preferably
will result from the contributions from the ranks of the compatriots
and historians.

The committee consists for the time being of three persons (Sidi
Gross, Reuben Faerber and Zvi Schai), and is to be increased however.
We ask interested north Bukowiners from Bayantz, Budinetz, Banila pe
Siret, Banila pe Ceremus, Berhomet, Brodina, Broscautz, Cernautzi,
Cotzmani, Costesti, Crasna-Ilisesti, Crasna-Putna, Cincau, Cires,
Ciudin Davidesti, Doroshautz, Dintinetz, Gura-Putilei, Ispas,
I'esti, Jadova, Jordanesti, Lijeni, Mohova, Milia, Mariceni,
Noua-Jadova, Ocna, Putila, Petrautz, Putna, Plosca, Panca,
Pardutzi-Noui, Restuatzia, Sadagura, Strojinetz, Stanesti, Sergini,
Seletin, Straja, Turcini, Vicovul de Sus, Viznitz, and Zastavna to
contact Mr. Jula Weiner, vice-president of the Bukovina Jews
World Union on Mondays and on Wednesdays between 9.00 and 12.00
o'clock at the telephone number 03/5226619 (Tel Aviv). &lt;bir adds he
might also be reachable at elibuko_at_netvision.net.il

Also persons from Israel and abroad who possess appropriate
documentation material, are asked to inform Mr. Weiner. In the
office of the Bukovina Jews World Union, Arnonstr. 12, in Tel
Aviv a bibliographic list concerning the north Bukowina at your

For your freely consenting help, we cordially thank you in
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<><font color="#000000">I will be glad to respond that the material
on the Sadgura web site is at their disposal. I welcome others
to respond directly to Mr. Weiner if they can help. Can someone
in Israel visit their office? I'd love to know what sort of
bibliographic (and other?) resources they have.</font></>
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<><font color="#000000">Best wishes, Shabbat Shalom,</font></>
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<><font color="#000000">Bruce</font></>
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