Re: Czernowitz-L: YIVO town images online

From: Jane Reifer <>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 23:31:02 -0800

Try typing the name of the city you're interested in as a keyword, as
well. I got a few more interesting hits for:

Czernowitz, Cernauti, Tsernovits , etc.

Thanks for notifying us of this resource,

Jane Reifer

Bruce Reisch wrote:
> It's worth registering for this web site; there are 16 images of
> Czernowitz, one for Novoselitsa, and maybe more for other places in
> Bukovina. The YIVO archives (at the Center for Jewish History in New
> York) has many more images available to those able to visit in person.
> Best regards to all,
> Bruce

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