Searching for Bukovina in JRI-Poland

From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 09:25:49 -0500

<x-flowed>JRI-Poland has about 1.8 million records indexed and searchable in an
online database. Over the past couple of years, many records for
Galicia have been loaded into the database. These are not the
actual records, but they are indices with information on how to
obtain a copy of the record itself.

I've always felt that Galician records would be a source of
information on our Bukovina ancestors from two standpoints. 1. If
we go back far enough in time, many would find that their Bukovina
relatives came from Galicia. Records from the Galician town of
origin would provide more information on the origins of our families.
2. Many of our Bukovina families moved in and out of Galicia, and
therefore some of their vital records should be indexed among the
Galician records.

Yesterday, I noticed that there was a new search function on the
JRI-Poland database allowing you to search by Town. There are three
options - precise spelling, DM Soundex, and Names starting with a
string of letters. I put in Sadagora, and did a DM Soundex search by
town name and the result was 98 records from Galicia for iniduals
from "Sadogora". (I think I also selected Gubernia=Galicia). The
mention of Bukowina in several of these records confirm that the
spelling Sadogora is for the same place we know as Sadagora,
Sadigera, Sadgura, etc. just outside Czernowitz.

Several of the surnames mentioned are recognizable by group members!

There are just a few records for Czernowitz in the JRI-Poland
database from what I've seen so far. But I suggest you try this on
your own, and enter other towns of interest, too, to see what you can

The search form on JRI-Poland is at:

and the entry point to the JRI-Poland site is:

Good luck!

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, New York

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