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<x-flowed iso-8859-1>This is worth reading to the end for its information about all the
existing organizations of Romanian Jews. Sorry about the length but
I hope you find it worthwhile.

We are pleased to welcome the author of this email (Uli Friedberg as a new member of our group, too.

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                                Appeal to the Jews Born in Romania,
                            who live in Israel and all over the world

             We are glad to inform you about that the Union of Jews Born
in Romania (in short AMIR) has been founded in Israel. The goals of the
Organization are the:

     - Creating a museum in Israel, which presents the images and the
achievements of the Jews born in Romania – in Israel, in Romania and in
other countries of the world.
     - Organizing the first International Congress of the Jews born in
Romania who live world widely, in Jerusalem, in 2004.

             In order to achieve the two goals mentioned above, AMIR
includes many various organizations of Jews born of Romania (from Israel
and from other countries of the world), as well as Jewish people who
were born in Romania and do not belong to any association. Being a
member of AMIR doesn't affecti on the activity of other Romanian Jewish
organizations in any measure. (In Israel there are about 50
organizations of this kind. Therefore the newly joined members of AMIR
can continue their previous activities.)

             We call upon and urge all the Jews who were born in Romania,
no matter where they live today, to join us, in order to achieve and
create the Museum of Romanian Judaism. We invite you, your children and
your grandchildren as well, to the future International Congress of the
Jews born in Romania! All answers, suggestions, contacts, and (for those
who have the possibility) financial donations are welcomed!
             We enclose the first issue of AMIR’s newsletter hoping that
it will become popular by means of the communication among all the Jews
who were born in Romania.
This request is addressed by the initiators of the Union of Native Jews
of Romania – AMIR:
     General (res)) Moshe Nativ, chairman of the Union of Jews Born in
Romania - AMIR
     Adv. Itzhak Artzi, former member of the Knesset, former vice-mayor
of Tel Aviv
     Menahem Ariav, mayor of Nazareth-Illit
     Moshe Nagor, chairman of Israeli-Romanian Friendship League

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  newsletter of Union of Jews Born in Romania – AMIR

                                                        No.1 February 2003

1. The Union of Native Jews of Romania - AMIR has been founded
             AMIR was founded as a result of the initiative of Mr. Moshe
Nativ - general in reserve, Adv. Itzhak Artzi, former member of the
Knesset, chairman of World Union of Bukovina Jews, Moshe Nagor, chairman
of Israeli-Romanian Friendship League, and Menahem Ariav, mayor of
Nazareth-Illit, and also Mr. Moshe Zellinger, Zvi Ben Dov, Avi Avisar,
Itzhak Moshe and Iehoshua Zontag.
             The main goals of AMIR are:
     a. Creating a Museum of Romanian Judaism in Israel;
     b. Organizing an International Congress of the Native Jews of
Romania and also who live world widely, in Israel, in 2004;
     c. Keeping and developing the traditions of the Romanian Judaism,
studying the contribution of native Jews of Romania to the creation,
defense and development of the State of Israel;
     d. Finding new ways of representing the natives of Romania in their
relationship with people and institutions from Israel and from abroad;
             The decision of creating the new organization has been taken
in the general meeting which took place in Tel Aviv in June 27 2002.

2. Changing of messages between the Romanian Prime-Minister Adrian Nastase
     and the chairman of AMIR, Moshe Nativ
             General (in reserve) Moshe Nativ, chairman of AMIR, received
a message from Mr. Adrian Nastase, The Romanian Prime-Minister at the
end of December 2002. This message is an answer from the Romanian
Prime-Minister to the letter sent by AMIR's chairman in which Mr. Nativ
let him know about the founding of the AMIR and about its goals in Israel.
"Dear honorable chairman,
     It is a pleasure for me to know about the welcomed initiative of
founding the Union of Native Jews of Romania in Israel. I would like to
congratulate you warmly for being elected as its chairman." This is
written in the Prim-Minister's message. "… It's time for a new
beginning, as well as continuing at the same time the rich tradition of
numerous associations and organizations of Romanian Native Israelis that
have benefic implications on the development of Romanian-Israeli
     My hope is that the Union's activity will be proceeded in a peaceful
atmosphere and prosperity for your people and your country. Hereby I ask
you, Mr. Chairman, to receive the expression of my best consideration"
ends his message the Prime-Minister, Adrian Nastase.
             In his letter, Mr. Moshe Nativ had informed the Romanian
Prime-Minister that the creation of a museum of Native Romanians, is
also listed as one of the main goals of AMIR . I would like to serve the
next generations with this step by informing them about the
contributions of the Romanian Jews towards their native country as well
as towards Israel." Moreover, he let Mr. Adrian Nastase know about the
plan of organizing an International Congress of the Jews born in Romania
and also who live world widely, in Israel, in 2004; the handing over our
tradition to the next generations; the united representing of the native
of Romania in front of the Israeli and Romanian authorities.
In his message, general (in reserve) Moshe Nativ expressed his hope that
the Prime Minister Adrian Nastase will support and encourage AMIR in
achieving the goals mentioned above.
             Messages have been changed between AMIR's chairman and Mr.
Mircea Geoana - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. In one of the
answers to the letter of Mr. Moshe Nativ, Mr. Geoana wrote: "Dear Mister
Chairman, I can see with pleasure, in this exciting moment of the
founding of the Union of Native Jews of Romania, that we share common
thoughts and concerns emphasizing the numerous interferences that exist
in the Romanian and Israeli cultures. I am sure that the goals of the
Union of Native Jews of Romania, that I especially appreciate, will be
an integrant part of the Romanian authorities' concerns in order to push
forward the Judaic cultural patrimony of our country in the European
context in the world. Please, Mr. Chairman, receive my best considerations."

3. Organizational measures
             The directorate meeting of AMIR took place in October 3,
2002. Its executive committee has been elected according to the
following structure:
     Chairman: Moshe Nativ, general in reserve
     Executive committee's chairman: Itzhak Artzi, former member of the
Knesset, chairman of World Union of Bukovina Jews
     Honorary president: Menahem Ariav, mayor of Nazareth-Illit
     Vice-president of the executive committee: Moshe Nagor, chairman of
Israeli-Romanian Friendship League
     General secretary: Zvi Ben Dov
     Financial manager: Moshe Zellinger
     Members of the executive committee:
         Richard Armon , Israel-Romania Chamber of Commerce' chairman
         Iehoshua Zontag
         Rav Efraim Gutman, the Rabbi of the Synagogue and Communitarian
Center "Beit Iacov -
Iosef rav Zwi Guttman", Freeman of the city of Tel Aviv - Yaffo
         Moshe Itzhak, chairman of HOR (Hitahdut Olei Romania) branch,
         Segal Paltiel, head of the SIR (Shevet Yehudei Romania)
organization, editor of studies concerning the contribution of the
natives of Romania to the foundation, defense and development of the
State of Israel
         Mendi Meron, general in reserve
         Moshe Talmon, chairman of the Organization of Former Assirei
Zion in Romania
         Shaul Carmel, the chairman of the Israeli Writers' of Romanian
Language Association
         Shlomo David, chairman of the Organization of the Natives of
Dorohoi and its neighborhood
         Moshe Zaltzman
             Other outstanding people have also participated in the
meeting, such as: Prof. Gedeon Dagan, who won the International Water
Prize; Bruno Landesberg, industrialist; Miha Harish, former minister of
Industry and commerce; Menahem Meron, general in reserve; Arie Levanon,
composer; rav Elhanan Guttman; Smaia Goshen, publicist; Ruven Herscu,
general in reserve; Amir Zaltzman, The chairman of the Organization
Gordonia's and other important people.
Eight commissions were specialized in different fields that have been
constituted in the frame of the meeting. One of them there was the
commission for the foundation of the Romanian Immigration's Museum.

4. ISRO Organizations
             How many organizations of natives of Romania exist in
Israel? Here is a partial list, that was gathered after a research in
the Israeli press of Romanian language in the last years. Some of these
organizations could be omitted, others could not exist anylonger, some
chairmen' names could be spelled wrong. Readers of this newsletter who
know about the existence of other organizations or who consider that
some corrections should be made, are invited to let us know about them.
   1. The Union of Jews Born in Romania - AMIR (more details about its
leaders were mentionedabove)
   2. ACMEOR- the World Cultural Association of Native Jews Of Romania,
chairman: dr. Shlomo Leibovici Lais
   3. World Union of Bukovina Jews, chairman: Adv. Itzhak Artzi
   4. Israeli-Romanian Friendship League, chairman: Eng. Moshe Nagor
   5. The Organization of Former Assirei Zion in Romania, chairman: Moshe
   6. Israel-Romania Chamber of Commerce, chairman: Richard Armon
   7. The Communitarian Center "Beit Iacov - Iosef rav Zwi Guttman",
chairman: rav Efraim Guttman, honorary presidents: rav Alexandru Safran,
former Chief-Rabbi of Romanian Jews, and A. Goldstein - Goren. The
Center is formed by
     " The synagogue "Beit Iakov Iosef - Rav Zwi Gutman", chairman Arie
     " Yad Zikaron Le Yahdut Romania, chairman: Reuven Herscu, general in
     " The Organization of Zionist Askanim (Zionist activists natives of
Romania), chairman: eng.
      Baruch Tercatin
   8. HOR - central organization of Hitahdut Olei Romania; chairman: Zeev
   9. "Sara and Haim Ianculovici Foundation" which awards prizes to
creator born in Romanian; chairman: prof. dr. Izu Eibschitz, commettee
members in Shlomo David, dr. Bela Aftenie, Biti Caragiale, Marta
Constantinescu etc.
10. Israeli Writers' of Romanian Language Association; chairman: Shaul
Carmel, commettee members Carol Isac, G. Mosari, Sonia Palty, Felix Caroly.
11. SIR - Shevet Yehudei Romania - edited four books which subject was
the activity of the natives of Romania concerning the foundation, the
defense and the development of the State of Israel; in charge: Paltiel
12. The Jerusalem Cultural Circle; coordinators: Leon Volovici and
Cornel Safirman
13. Funds for prize awards:
*** "Nicu Palti" Creation Fund, created in the frame of the ACMEOR,
awards annually four prizes at a sum of 1000 dollars each, sponsored by
Palty family in memory of the publicist and editor Nicu Palty.
*** "Zion Prize" at a sum of 1000 dollars, awarded by Israeli Writers'
of Romanian Language Association. and sponsored by the industrialist
Bruno Landesberg.
*** The Creation Fund "Sebastian Costin", created in the frame of the
Jerusalem Cultural Circle, awards a prize yearly at a sum of 1500
dollars in memory of the journalist and poet Sebastian Costin. The prize
is sponsored by Eugenia Costin, Sebastian Costin's wife.
*** The "Felix Aderca" Dramaturgy Prize to the sum of 1000 dollars
awarded by Adrian Marcus, the manager of "Adrian" tourist agency.
*** The Creation Fund "Iacob Groper" to the sum of 4000 dollars.
*** The "Mihail Sebastian Prize" awarded by Israeli Writers' of Romanian
Language Association. sponsored by Adrian Marcus, the manager of
"Adrian" tourist agency.
14. The Organization of Israeli natives of Dorohoi and its neighborhood;
chairman: Shlomo David
15. The Haifa Cultural Circle; the executive committee is constituted by
(in alphabetic order): Bitti Caragiale, Marta Constantinescu, Madeleine
Davidzon, Liana Saxone Horodi, Francisca Stoleru, Elvira Schefer
16. The Haifa Saturday Mornings initiated and coordinated by Sara
Ianculovici, at present coordinated by Shlomo David (in Hebrew language)
17. HOR Jerusalem
18. HOR Nazareth Illit; chairman: Itzhak Moshe
19. HOR Haifa; chairman: Shmuel Reinish
20. HOR Beer Sheva: prof. Natan Cohen
21. HOR Naharia - chairman: dr. Sergiu Climescu
22. HOR Natania, chairman: Ilan Shlomo
23. HOR Carmiel: Moshe Flitman
24. HOR Herzlia - chairman: adv. Haim Ianai Ianculovici
25. HOR Rehovot and neighborhood , chairman: Kalmanovici Arie
26. HOR Kraiot, chairman: ing. H. Segalescu
27. HOR Ashdod, chairman: Max Gaer
Specification: some of the local HOR associations do not belong to the
central HOR
28. The Israel-Romania Writers' Association; president - prof. dr. Riri
Manor, honor presidents: Sami Michael - Israel, Eugen Uricaru - Romania,
29. The Israel-Romania Cultural Center of Tel Aviv; chairman: Tesu
30. Israeli Writers' of German Language Association; chairman: Josef N.
31. Israeli Writers' of French Language Association; chairwoman: Marlena
32. The Romanian Youth Zionist Foundation (Hanoar Hatzioni): chairman:
Itzhak Artzi, secretary Iakov Rosenzweig
33. The "Gordonia" Romanian Youth Zionist Organization; chairman: Moshe
Zaltzman, secretary Iakov Wortman
34. World Union of Bukovina Jews (U.M.E.B.), Haifa branch; Andy
Rosengarten, Mehler Hana
35. U.M.E.B. - Jerusalem branch - Barkai Selma
36. U.M.E.B - The Community of Campulung Natives - Klein Iosef Yulku
37. U.M.E.B. - The Community of Gura Humorului Natives - Apter Shlomo,
Jurgrau Jakob
38. U.M.E.B. The Siret Natives Jewish Organization - Hollinger Rita
39. U.M.E.B. The Vatra Dornei Natives Jews Association - Itzhak Yalon,
colonel in reserve
40. U.M.E.B. The Radauti Natives Jews Association, Grabstein Emil
41. U.M.E.B. The Stanesti Natives Community - Sidi Gros
42. U.M.E.B. The Storojineti Natives Community - Ferber Ruven
43. The Bnai Akiva Organization; the executive committee: Dr. Shlomo
Leibovici Lais, Arie Kupferschmidt, Shmuel Haham
44. Renana - The Nazis' victims Organization; chairwoman: Semiretta
45. The Organization of the Invalids, Victims of Nazis' and their
Allies; chairman: Drori
46. The Romania Natives Centrist Party for Progress; chairman: eng.
Mircea Soschin
47. The "Arcadia" Club
48. Bnei Brit
49. The Israeli Natives of Barlad Association
50. The Israeli Natives of Tecuci Association
51. The Transnistria Orphans Association
52. The Natives of Stefanesti Organizaton

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