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With great interest I have been reading the communication between list members since it was begun. For a number of reasons I have put my genealogy to the side during this time and have not participated in the discussions. Now I am ready to join you again.For the past month I have been teaching Bosnian physicians as part of a Canadian international development program. I will be finished on the 17th and will then go back to Bukovina .............. my second visit ........... to try and dig up more information about my ancestors.

I will have a digital camera with me and would like to take as many pictures of gravestones in Radautz and Suceava as I can. Apparently there are three Jewish cemeteries in Suceava. I know there are several projects under way to fund this kind of work. Someone has suggested that $1 per tombstone would be appropriate. I think we could do this for a lot less, at least in the Radautz/Suceava area. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do anything in the Czernowitz area this visit, but I am arming myself with some excellent contacts for a visit to Czernowitz ...perhaps next fall if I return to teach. At that time, I would be more than happy to contribute to the photographic documentation of the cemetery.

Do we have a reliable researcher in the Radautz / Suceava area? Do we have internet contact with the Jewish community in either of these towns? Is there a place to stay in Radautz?

I am also interested in Suceveni ( Suczaweny) and although it is not specific to this web site, I would appreciate any leads into that town?

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