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Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 08:19:32 -0400

<x-flowed>>Miriam (Mimi) Taylor writes:
> list of names and addresses of Jews allowed to remain in
Cernauti during WW2.

Dear Czernowitz group:

Yesterday, Mimi Taylor sent three attached files to the group. Some
of your email services were not able to handle these attachments; the
mail bounced back to Carl and I as list co-owners. So, I am
including at the end this message the list of Jews allowed to remain
in Czernowitz during WWII.

Generally, I discourage sending attached files to the group because
of slow download times and potential virus problems. The alternative
is to have a Czernowitz ShtetLinks web site (or other web site) from
which images and documents of interest can be downloaded instead of
being sent to all by email.

On the list below, several of you will find some names of great
interest. Their war-time addresses are given on the original
document that Mimi sent around yesterday. Her photo of the
Czernowitz market place was also unlike any I had seen before.
Thanks, Mimi!

Best regards,

The names usually start with the surname, but not always and the
spelling is occasionally wrong.
1. Fellner Ehrlich Regina
2. Schieber Kurt
3. Scauman Sali
4. Ehrlich Raschela
5. Herzic Chaim (should be Herzig)
6. Tenenbaum Eizig (should be Itzig)
7. Seidman David
8. Lowenstein Jankel
9. Kirmeer Moses
10.Rudich Osias
11.Reifer Solomon
12. Goldschmidt Herman
13. Gril Jsak
14. Schefler Venjamin Nicolae (should be Benjamin)
15. Wucher User ( should be Ascher)
16. Gronich Artur
17. Klinger David
18. Rauch Schaia
19. Kula Abraham Leib
20. Nathan Keller
21. Isak Lidguornik
22. Emil Wagner
23. Kaul Emil
24 Berstein Isak
25. Rachmuth Emil
26. nisgoltz Abraham
27. Schieber Isidor
28. Morghenstein Itic ( should be Morgenstein Itzig)
29. Morghenttein Saia ( should be Morgenstein Schaia)
30. Lerhrer Moses (should be Lehrer)
31. Kindler Erich
32. Rosa Ehrlich
33. Harnisch Friedrich
34. Leonhard Grunberg
35. Karmelin Sussman Regina
36. Jeti Bruche Zimmet
37. Kreisberger Lotte
38. Rotstein Idel
39. Reitter Lotti
40. Kindler Eduart

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Solca, Bukowina, Romania
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