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From: jerome schatten <>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 14:20:31 -0700
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Shalom Czernowitzers!

First let me re-introduce myself to the group.

My name is Jerome Schatten, living in Vancouver,
B.C. My pgf was married in Czernowitz in 1901 and
my father was born there in 1903 along with his
brother in 1905. I've been tracing the roots of
my Schatten/Falikman family from Czernowitz for
several years now, with not a great deal of

As Bruce indicated I did the original scanning
of the photos of Gold's two volume history of the
Jews of Bukovina that now appears on JGen.

I have, after some discussion
with Bruce, agreed to host a Czernowitz-L website
where materials that list members have,
could be assembled for the benefit of the group
and other interested researchers.

I would be delighted to work with anyone interested
in this project from either a technical, aesthetic,
and of course content perspective. I will be almost
totally dependent on the group for content.

Stepping boldly where no-one has dared to go before,
I've planted the 'stake' for the Czernowitz-L website


There's nothing there but a welcome message and
a postcard scene of the Jewish National House and
the Theatre from 1913 (I think). The website is
operational only when I'm working on it at present,
but you may catch it. If you do, I'd be pleased to hear
about the speed at which the site seems to be
functioning for you. In case you're interested, the
site is running off a Linux based Apache webserver
on a laptop through a broadband connection to the
net (all very temporary). BTW, I'm not an HTML
programmer... so, I'm sure to be looking
for help in this area.

I've looked at, and downloaded the JGen ShtetLinks
template pages with an eye to creating one repository
site for our group where anything goes; and another
set of pages consistent with the JGen format that
we may be able to export to JGen in the future as
ShtetLink pages for Czernowitz.

So, the first thing we're going to need is content:
stories, history, photographs, maps, lists, records,
testimonies, whatever. Let me know what you have that
you would like to contribute, and what you would like
to see on the site.

I think it would be good for folks to initially respond
on-list, as that may trigger others into responding, at least
in the beginning. I would be most interested in any
suggestions you might have and how you think we should

A gitten Peasach!

Jerome Schatten
Vancouver BC

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