Ellenbogen, Berger

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Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 13:34:32 +0200
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I am trying to find genealogic informations about the
Ellenbogen family living once in the Bukowina.
In 19/20th century they lived in Czernowitz, Kimpolung,
Gurahumora, Sereth and Suczawa (some of them are mentioned in
Gold "Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina").
Unfortunately, I am missing any informations about there origin.
One would assume, that the Ellenbogen-family is related to the
Katzenellenbogen, but in the work from Neil Rosenstein "The
unbroken chain" there is no link to the Ellenbogen in the
I am also interested in the family Berger (from Sadagora or
Any information would be gratefully appreciated.

With best regards,

Peter Elbau

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