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<x-flowed>Hi Tony:

Welcome - you've come to the right place.

First of all - Simon's father's name was Hersch Gronich - according
to information on the ship passenger manifest for his arrival in 1912
with brother Isak and cousin Rosa.

Have you tried to verify this on your grandfather's tombstone or in
his death certificate? Information on California death certificates
are online - I've seen it but can't recall where.

If Hersch and wife did not emigrate, it's possible that their
tombstone, if it survived WWII, may still be standing in Sadgura.
The Genealogical Soc. of Ottawa has digitally photographed all
Sadagora and Czernowitz stones, and is in the process of preparing an
online searchable database. So more info might be available once
this database is established.

Last suggestion for now:

Go to <> and do a search
for the name Gronich on the JewishGen web site. All 6 pages
resulting from this search will give you information on a Gronich
from Bukowina.

I am sending this via the group as some of the suggestions might be
of general interest. More information is at:

By the way, several Gronich businesses (but not run by Hersch) are
listed here for 1914:

Good luck,


>Hello all,
>Name is Tony Gronich and I live in El Paso, TX.
>Just found out my grandfather Simon (Sam) Gronich was originally from
>Sadgura. He landed at Ellis Island on 2/29/12 at age of 15. He was
>born 04/04/1897. He died in Los Angeles in 1976.
>I would like to find out who his father and mother were and what they
>Any suggestions or is anyone familiar with this name?

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