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That's a horrible analogy.

Torquemada was a mass-murdering sadistic xenophobe.

The Mormons made a genuine apology, stopped when asked nicely, and made

I think the Mormons responded to this issue with honor, and hold no ill
will towards them.

As I said in my previous message, if you are unhappy with the labourous
task they have performed, don't avail yourself of it's fruits.


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> >Even if they did, if the benefit they gain for doing what I think is
> >a phoney-baloney procedure with no one listening on the other end of
> >the cosmic phone line
> He listens. His response may not be what they want.
> >and it doesn't bother me so much because in
> >THEIR MIND they are being altruistic.
> So? In his mind, Torquemada was being altruistic.
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