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From: Raanan S Isseroff <>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 22:56:40 -0400

Adam Shalom!
We are Jews and the biggest "Baal Tzedakah", the biggest giver of charity
to the most needy causes can be the Roman Catholic Church, and still,
because their orignal reason for doing the thing, whatever it is, is to
glorify their God(s), and since this idea is completely against what
being a Jew is and belief in one G-d, so then, since their original
reasoning is traif, so too is whatever comes out of it, whose whole
purpose is to further a belief of that Anti-Jewish idea in the world, is
also Trayf.

The Ellis Island site is owned by the government. It was never a
relgious institution.
The records were there before the mormans came along.
The original idea to go on line was not a Morman idea.
And it happens to be that the Mormans got on the band wagon to move the
project along.
But, this is not to say that it is the same thing as their geneological

I personally do not use their geneological resources.

As it happens, you have a point, whatever happens in the world is
ultimately from above and follows a certain purpose. As Rambam writes
that even in the time of Moshiach we will see how ultimately Yoshka (we
don't pronounce his name) has contributed to Moshiachs coming.

But that is not to say, that we should promote his cause (which is
Anti-God and Anti-Jewish) to hasten Moshiachs coming faster!

Ultimately, everything is ine providence. This is said after the
Before the fact, now, we do everything we can the way a Jew is supposed
to and this our job.

What is their job?
Also to serve the one G-d. Really, we should be encouraging them to put
aside all of the "other God stuff" and serve one G-d.
But we don't, and they don't either.....

But, it is not our job to encourage them to go against this whole

There is another interesting point here, and that is like Rambam also
writes that what if a group is davening (praying) to the Avoida Zorah of
the Sun!
So, should we stop looking at the sun?

Davka, there are many things we don't do and do do that are simply for
this reason of "not doing like the Avoida zorah-nikers". When we wake up
in the morning, we put our hands together under our chin and we tilt them
a little to one side, so as not to be like the non-Jews who took this
gesture for their own religion.
I seem to recall that we used to throw rice at weddings and this custom
was mimicked by non-Jews for some reason connected with their religion.

Hope this is helpful,
Raanan Isseroff
Brooklyn, USA

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